Work-Based Learning (WBL)

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    Welcome to Olathe’s Work-Based Learning page! Work-Based Learning, also known as WBL,  includes a continuum of awareness, exploration, and preparation that combines an individual’s career goals, structured learning, and authentic work experiences implemented through a sustained partnership with business and industry. WBL activities with industry or community professionals culminate in a validation and measurement of acquired knowledge, skills, and possible employment.  

Kansas Work-Based Learning Continuum

  • WBL in Kansas is organized along a continuum of experiences that offer students varying levels of exposure to career awareness, exploration, and specific preparation activities. The goal is to increase individualization as students connect their interests, skills, and goals with career possibilities. The lists and graphic below outline the Kansas WBL continuum.

    More Kansas WBL information is available on the Kansas Department of Education website. Click here to explore WBL resources on the KSDE website.

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    • Career Awareness Experiences
      • Guest speakers
      • Career Fairs
      • Field Trips
      • Tours
    • Career Exploration Experiences
      • Job shadowing
      • Mock interviews
      • Field trips
      • Career mentoring
    • Career Preparation Experiences
      • Internships and placements (business-industry-community)
      • Client-connected projects
      • Youth registered apprenticeships
      • Simulated work-based experiences (school district)
      • Entrepreneurship-ownership
      • Service learning