Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is Work-Based Learning happening just in high schools?

    A: No. Students in the Olathe School District are involved in a variety of Work-Based Learning opportunities throughout their educational experience. Even as early as Pre-K, students are exposed to careers within our community with guest speakers, field trips, and events like our fourth grade Careers on Wheels event. Starting in middle school, students begin to see their career pathway options in real time with the seventh grade Pathways Fair and eighth grade Career Expo. Students may also be involved in mock interviews and hear career speakers. During middle school, students start building their Individual Plan of Study (IPS) for their high school experience.

    Q: What should I expect if my student is involved in an internship?

    A: Students involved in their internship experience get the opportunity to showcase their learning with a workplace supervisor. Students must meet the following criteria:

    1. A student's experience should tie to at least 1.0 credit of coursework, as well as match interests and abilities.
    2. The student will partner with a business to complete a minimum of 120 hours learning and demonstrating their skills.
    3. Each student will log their weekly time at their internship. They must also complete the necessary paperwork prior to starting, which includes an intern eligibility contract, a student transportation form, emergency contact form, and agreement to participate in a Work-Based Learning experience.

    Q: What is the difference between Real-World Learning and Work-Based Learning?

    A: Real-World Learning and Work-Based Learning are interchangeable terms. The purpose is to provide students opportunities to demonstrate skills learned in the classroom in the working world or a work simulation.