Olathe Public Schools Strategic Plan 2021-26

  • The Olathe Board of Education relaunched the district Strategic Plan in August 2021. The Olathe Public Schools Strategic Plan 2021-2026 outlines the district’s goals and core values to set the roadmap to help students achieve great success. The Strategic Plan began with the development of the Portrait of a Graduate. District staff and the Board of Education, with much community input, created a Portrait of a Graduate to outline what we want our students to know and be able to do when they graduate from our schools. The new Strategic Plan provides the path and steps the organization needs to follow to help our students achieve the competencies outlined in the POG: critical thinking and problem solving; resilience and social and emotional well-being; creativity and innovation; communication; initiative and self-direction; and social and cross-cultural skills. The 2021-26 Strategic Plan also incorporates a greater focus on diversity and engagement.

    Our four strategic plan goals are:

    • High Academic Expectations for All: Every student will be challenged and supported through tiers of instruction by all staff to achieve a high standard of academic performance and growth.
    • Behavior and Social-Emotional Development for All: Every student will benefit from an educational experience that fosters their behavioral, social and emotional development.
    • Human Resources: The district will attract, develop, engage and retain high quality talent.
    • Effective Systems and Prioritized Resources: All systems and resources will be aligned based on organizational data to achieve strategic initiatives.

    Core Values: Integrity, Vision, Accountability, Resilience, Innovation, and Inclusivity

    Vision: Students Prepared for Their Future

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