Legislative Statements for 2022-23

  • Approved 12-1-22

    Setting High Expectations for Olathe Students

    • We support robust educational programs and services to ensure all students acquire the intellectual, vocational, and interpersonal skills to be college and/or career ready upon graduation.
    • We support investing in early childhood and school readiness programs and services to meet the cognitive and social needs of young children.
    • We believe schools receiving public funding should meet state accreditation requirements, and accept ALL students on an equal, non-selective basis.

    Providing the Resources Necessary to Provide All Students the Opportunity to Succeed

    • We support increasing special education funding to attain the statutory goal of funding 92 percent of statewide excess cost. We further support leveraging all available federal funding for special education to support programs and services for students with special needs.
    • We support funding at-risk programs and services that support students in poverty and/or those struggling academically.
    • We support amending the capital improvement state aid calculation to allow for investments in technology to create high-quality learning environments that support students participating in experiential learning and workforce programs.
    • We support amending the virtual education funding formula to provide support for expanded student learning opportunities made available through both full-time and integrated virtual education programs/courses offered by local school districts.
    • We support efforts to recruit and retain high-quality professionals into the education workforce, including flexibility of licensure reciprocity with other states and programs that incent and recognize education professionals.

    Supporting the Well-being of Olathe Students

    • We strive to ensure the safety and well-being of all students in our schools. We celebrate our community’s diversity and work to create an inclusive environment that treats students equitably, respectfully, and with dignity.
    • We support increasing access to mental health and behavioral health services for students and families.