Welcome to English Language Learners (ELL)

  • Program Goals:

    photo of ELL student The instructional goals of the Olathe USD 233 English Language Learner Program are for all ELL students to:

    • Develop a sense of affiliation and connection to school and community
    • Accelerate English language proficiency in the four domains of speaking, listening, reading, and writing
    • Develop high levels of academic achievement in core content areas
    • Meet the same challenging state academic standards as all children are expected to meet
    • Be college and career ready upon graduation
    • Olathe Public Schools believes these goals are best reached though a collaboration among classroom teacher, ELL teacher, administration, and support staff, as well as parents/family.

    Who are Our ELL Students?

    In addition to our ELL students, we have students of many diverse languages and cultural backgrounds. In our student body, we have 94 languages represented. After Spanish, our most common language is Amharic and Arabic.

    In addition to English, we have 93 additional languages spoken in the district represented by 4,769 of our students.

    For information about specific ELL services available please contact our ELL office at 913-780-8036 or contact one of the individuals listed below.

    ELL Department Contacts

    Kristin Slavik, administrative assistant for ELL, can be reached by phone at 913-780-8036 or by sending an email to kaslavik@olatheschools.org.

    Michael Flenthrope, coordinator for ELL and world language programs, can be reached at 913-780-8177 or by email at mgflenthrope@olatheschools.org.

    For questions regarding interpreting services, contact Samanta Landa at 913-780-7979 or by email at slandaec@olatheschools.org.