2019-20 Before- and After-School Program

  • At the Board of Education meeting on May 2, the board approved an agreement with Johnson County Park and Recreation (JCPRD) to provide before- and after-school programming at all 36 elementary schools, beginning in August 2019. District staff studied proposals from eight vendors with the goal of making sure the before- and after-school programs in the district are of the highest quality, at an affordable rate.

    Below is information about the program and its pricing. Parents are encouraged to visit the JCPRD website and click on Out of School Time (OST) and then Olathe. Online registration begins on May 15. JCPRD questions can be directed to 913-831-3359. The YMCA plans to continue to offer its summer day camps in the Olathe district this summer.

    Thank you for your patience as we have worked through this process. Making sure that our before- and after-school programming meets the needs of our students and families is a priority for the district. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why is the provider changing for before- and after-school care in the Olathe Public Schools?

    A: In an effort to make sure the before- and after-school programs are of the highest quality at an affordable rate, the district sought out proposals from numerous organizations. District staff studied proposals from eight vendors. The board approved an agreement with Johnson County Park and Recreation (JCPRD) to provide before- and after-school programming at all 36 elementary schools, beginning in August 2019.

    Q: What were the criteria established in the Request for Proposal?

    A: A very thorough proposal request was prepared and released. The full contents of the RFP criteria and process followed can be obtained by emailing Scott Carpenter at sacarpenter@olatheschools.org.

    Q: Will before- and after-school care be provided at all elementary schools?

    A: Yes, the proposal specifically requested that programming be offered at each of the schools. Minimum enrollment numbers can be made at the request of JCPRD. OPS also asked that there be no maximums, however state licensing may impact enrollment at larger sites.

    Q: Will existing YMCA customers receive preferential consideration for early enrollment?

    A: Online registration will be open to everyone at the same time. Olathe Public Schools has asked that there be no maximum enrollment at a given site and will work with JCPRD if enrollment exceeds the maximum licensing capacity to find additional space for increased programming. This will ensure everyone has the opportunity to enroll and receive before- and after-school care.

    Q: Will my rates increase? 

    A: No, in fact the rates established by Johnson County Park and Recreation will mean parents pay less than they have in the past. Please see pricing options (below) related to registration, full- and part-time enrollment, free and reduced fees for those who qualify, and discounts for multiple children.

    Q: Will part-time enrollment be accepted?

    A: Yes, JCPRD has part-time enrollment options available for families. Please see the pricing structure for more information.

    Q: Will the hours of care change? 

    A: No, hours will be the same. Students can be dropped off before school starting at 7 a.m. and can stay after school until 6 p.m.

    Q: Will the locations of available care change? 

    A: JCPRD will offer before- and after-school programming at all 36 elementary schools, beginning August 2019.

    Q: Will snacks still be provided as part of the program?

    A: The monthly snack menu is developed in cooperation with the local American Heart Association dietician. Snack service is designed to afford children opportunities to try new foods along with those that are familiar. A fresh fruit or vegetable item along with healthy, low-sugar, low-saturated fat items are served daily.

    Q: Will there still be care provided for no-school days? 

    A: Full-day programming from 7:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. will be provided on conference days, in-service days, inclement weather days, and spring/winter breaks as well as summer day camps at designated locations.

    Q: How was the new provider vetted and what do we know about their reputation? 

    A: JCPRD has been involved in early childhood care and education for more than 44 years. JCPRD served as a provider of the first school-age Out of School Time (OST) program in Johnson County with the inaugural program beginning in the fall of 1982. Since that time, JCPRD has continued to grow and now has 31 programs in three Johnson County school districts serving as the sole provider in two of those districts. JCPRD is currently serving over 2,000 students in their OST programs. JCPRD is nationally accredited through CAPRA and has also received the Gold Standard by being named #1 in the nation. JCPRD’s current clients all gave very favorable references during the vetting process.

    Q: What are the qualifications of the people who will be working with my child?

    A: Program staff qualifications and requirements are fully compliant with Kansas Department of Health and Environment licensing regulations. JCPRD requirements for program directors exceed both regulations and industry standards as program directors must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and hold National Afterschool Association membership. JCPRD invests in continual professional development during the entirety of employment and OST staff members received 15 clock hours of professional development training away from the program each year.

    Q: What will my child be doing during OST?

    A: JCPRD activities are age appropriate, engaging, and provide a variety of opportunities to participate in activities of individual interest. Activities include STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math), SEL (social emotional learning), environmental literacy, community service, daily homework help, and HEPA (healthy eating and physical activity). Additionally, JCPRD plans special events affording full family activities including dodgeball tournaments, parent nights out, talent shows, and picnics to build strong sense of community for our pre-K and school newcomers.

    Q: What about our current before- and after-school program staff at our building? Will they continue to work for JCPRD?

    A: JCPRD is committed to hiring caring, qualified staff and has pledged to work with current program directors and site coordinators where possible to retain the highly effective and trusting staff you’ve come to know and love. JPCRD understands the level of trust and relationships you’ve developed and wants to facilitate a smooth transition in whatever way they possibly can.

    Q: What is the staffing ratio?

    A: JCPRD adheres to the 1:15 staff to child staffing ratio at all program sites.

    Q: How and when can I enroll?

    A: Current information about Olathe’s OST programming and fee structure will be available on the website beginning at 8:30 AM Friday, May 3, 2019. You will be able to enroll for the 2019-20 school year starting on May 15 at www.jcprdkids.com.  Follow the link, click on the Out of School Time link and select Olathe Public Schools on the popup menu.

    Q: Is online enrollment the only way to enroll?

    A: Online registration is the preferred method of enrollment, however, you can also register in person at the registration office in Antioch Park at 6501 Antioch Road, Mission, Kansas. If you need registration assistance, please call 913-831-3359.

    Q: I’ve already signed my child up for summer care with the YMCA, will that still be available?

    A: Yes, the YMCA plans to continue to offer its summer day camps in the Olathe district this summer.

    Q: What if I have questions for JCPRD not answered in this FAQ?

    A: JCPRD is ready to assist and answer all your questions. There are five, full-time staff available every day to answer your questions, and there will be 10 dedicated staff to answer incoming calls from Olathe families all day on Friday, May 15 when registration goes live. Please call 913-831-3359.

JCPRD Before- and After-School Program Fees

  • Online registration begins at noon May 15. Enroll on the Johnson County Parks and Recreation District website.

    Before-school program only (7 a.m.-8:20 a.m.)

    • Full-time program is $43 per week
    • Part-time program is $40 per week

    After-school program only (3:20-6 p.m.)

    • Full-time program is $68 per week
    • Part-time program is $56 per week

    Before- and after-school program combination

    • Full-time program is $78 per week
    • Part-time program is $62 per week
    • Full-time, reduced price lunch rate is $55 per week
    • Full-time, free lunch rate is $40 per week

    Additional details

    • Full-time program means four or five days per week. Part-time program is three days or fewer per week. Days must be consistent every week.
    • Fees are charged weekly, in advance of care, via automatic withdrawal.
    • The second-child discount is 10 percent.
    • A $25 registration fee is paid upon enrollment.
    • A $30 reconciliation fee will be assessed for all declined payments.
    • A $15 change fee will apply to changes in programming options.
    • Department for Children and Families or KVC Health Systems and other forms of assistance may be used toward payment of fees, unless free and reduced lunch rates apply.
    • For more information visit the JCPRD website or call 913-831-3359.