Welcome to Olathe Public Schools

Olathe is a great place to work!

  • We serve over 30,000 students at over 50 sites and we grow each year. We believe we know what makes great schools — put simply, it’s great teachers and classified staff working with great principals in a supportive and committed community. Here are a few reasons to choose Olathe Public Schools:

    Great Teammates

    When you work in Olathe, you’ll work with some of the finest people in public education. We have award winners at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Our principals are committed to making their schools great places to learn and to teach.

    Professional Growth

    From your very first day in Olathe Public Schools, you will experience our commitment to professional growth. Not only will you work with outstanding colleagues, you’ll receive the type of staff development that will let you know you’ve joined the right team. If you are in your first year as an educator, you’ll have the help of mentors and our exceptional staff of Instructional Resource Teachers. If you are a veteran educator, you will fit right in to an atmosphere of growing, learning, and sharing.


    We believe in the professional collaboration that brings adults together in an atmosphere where student learning is the focus. Professional learning communities form the basis of collaborative processes. When you become part of Olathe Public Schools, you will immediately belong to a network of people dedicated to helping kids learn.


    Teachers in Olathe are treated and compensated as professionals. Olathe Public Schools and Olathe National Education Association work closely together to foster an atmosphere of cooperation and respect. Our compensation and benefits are some of the finest in the Midwest. You can see our salary schedules and benefits details on this website.

    Student Activities

    If working with students outside of the classroom is a part of your educational mission, Olathe has award-winning programs in athletics, debate, forensics, band, orchestra, vocal music, drama, clubs and much more! Our schools show that a great deal of what students learn about themselves and the world around them comes from great coaches, directors, sponsors, and other professionals who want to build positive relationships with students both in and out of the classroom.

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