Olathe's Mentoring and Induction Program

  • The Olathe Mentoring and Induction program is dedicated to accelerating new educator effectiveness to increase student achievement.


    A comprehensive welcome to the Olathe Public Schools, introducing you to our mission, core values, curriculum and instruction to ensure a successful start to the year.


    All educators new to the Olathe Public Schools receive an Instructional Resource Teacher and an Orientation Partner.

    Instructional Resource Teacher (IRT)

    A district-level mentor who supports new educators in the areas of curriculum, instructional strategies, and classroom management.

    Orientation Partner

    A building-level mentor who acclimates new educators to building level culture, practices and procedures.

    Advanced Teaching and Learning Series

    This professional development series addresses timely topics such as assessment, parent- teacher conferences, classroom management and much, much more. An On-site Master’s Degree Program is offered in partnership with Emporia State University. These programs can be completed through onsite and online coursework during your first years teaching in Olathe.

    License Support

    The New Educator Induction program provides support that aligns with the Kansas State Mentoring Guidelines to attain a professional teaching license.

    Questions can be directed to Ann Addison via email or by phone, 913-780-8163.

Certified New Hire Orientation

  • Welcome to the Olathe School District. We are excited to have you join the team and assist with preparing our students for their future.

    Items to bring to your new hire orientation:

    • Your I9 document requirements. See list below for options.
    • Voided check or bank direct deposit letter (if not uploaded)
    • Completed Health Certificate (physical and TB test)

Certificate of Health Form

  • The State of Kansas requires all school district employees to complete a Certificate of Health form (KSA 72-5213). The Certificate of Health form includes a mini physical and a tuberculin (TB) skin test signed by a doctor licensed to practice medicine. State law requires the form to be completed prior to starting work for Olathe Public Schools.

    If you do not currently have a doctor, Concentra will complete the Certificate of Health exam and tuberculosis skin test for $30.00. If the skin TB test comes back positive, a chest X-ray is necessary. Concentra will do a chest x-ray for $102.50. Walk-ins and appointments are available at Concentra, 14809 W. 95th Street, Lenexa, from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. each weekday EXCEPT Thursday. Please provide exact cash for payment of the exam, and direct questions to 913-894-6664.

    Be sure to bring your original to the Human Resources Department. Concentra is not allowed to forward the form due to HIPPA laws.

Essential Forms

Map for Concentra