Medical Flex and HSA Allowable Expenses Update

  • The recent CARES Act expanded allowable medical expenses to include the purchase of over-the-counter drugs and medicines without a prescription from a physician.  This rule also incudes reimbursement for mensrual products.  The CARES Act reverses the previous restriction imposed by the Affordable Care Act.  Members can use Health Savings Accounts, Medical Flexible Spending Accounts, and Health Reimbursement Accounts for this purpose effective 4/15/2020.

COVID-19 BCBS Update

  • Effective April 1, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC) is waiving all member cost sharing for inpatient hospital admissions due to the diagnosis of COVID-19. This policy will remain in place through June 30, 2020. COVID-19 testing and the related office visit will qualify for the waived cost sharing. Members can also connect with in-network providers for virtual, telephone, email or text visits for medical services or behavioral health therapy at no cost through the Blue KC App.

BCBS Medical Information

  • New medical ID cards have been issued.

    All employees enrolled in a BCBS medical plan for the 2020 benefits year will receive a new ID card.  If you have not received your card, you can go to to request a new card.  Be sure to present your new ID card to your doctor's offices and pharmacies.

    OptumRx Prescription Change

    Blue Cross Blue Shield has changed from Express Scripts to OptumRx. In order to take advantage of home delivery for prescriptions, members will need to update their mailing address and form of payment information.


    To fill maintenance prescriptions at your local pharmacy, you need to disenroll in the Mail Service Member Select program otherwise you may pay full price at the second refill.

    • Log into the website.
    • Click on Plan Benefits then Pharmacy
    • Click on View Your Pharmacy Benefits to be taken to the OptumRx website.
    • Select My Profile and scroll down to Mail Service Member Select.


2020 Benefit Rates

PLANselect Tool

  • PLANselect is a comparison tool to evaluate the costs and benefits of the medical plans. Answer four simple questions about your medical needs for the year and PLANselect will show the top three plan options that have the lowest cost and best value.


    Compare medical plan options with the PLANselect tool.  

    • User name: olathe
    • Password: schools


    Two employee families can compare medical plans with the PLANselect tool.  

    • User name: olathe2ee
    • Password: schools

Delta Dental Changes

  • Unlimited Cleanings

    Starting in January, Delta Dental covers unlimited cleanings at 100%. Remember Delta Dental pays $1,000 maximum benefit per person per year.  All costs including the free cleanings and x-rays go towards that $1,000 maximum.

    Right Start 4 Kids Program

    • Offers 100% coverage for covered children under the age of 13 for all dental services with the exception of orthodontia.
    • No deductible or copayments.
    • Must use an in-network dentist to participate in the program.
    • All costs covered by Delta are deducted from the $1,000 maximum benefit coverage amount.

Life Insurance Changes

  • Lincoln National Life Insurance will now cover children up to the month they turn 26.  Be sure to notify the district to drop the coverage when the child turns 26.