Accident Insurance

  • The Hartford is our vendor for the Accident Insurance plan beginning on January 1, 2021. 


    Accident insurance helps provide financial support in the event you or a family member has an accident.  With accident insurance, you'll receive a cash benefit for each covered injury and related services such as x-rays, bone fractures, concussions, physical therapy, and doctor visits. You can use the payment any way you choose. Accident insurance is guaranteed acceptance coverage, no medical questions asked. You can cover yourself, your spouse and children. For more information on what accident insurance will cover, please see the Accident Insurance Benefit Highlight.


    Monthly Premium

    • Employee Only           $14.73
    • Employee + Spouse   $23.23
    • Employee + Children  $24.31
    • Employee + Family     $38.42

Accident Insurance Information

American Fidelity Transition

  • All of the American Fidelity products will be discontinued beginning on January 1, 2021.  If you would like to keep your current American Fidelity Accident policy, you will be able to port the coverage to a direct bill policy with American Fidelity.  For more information on how to keep your current plans directly with American Fidelity, please call 1-800-943-2231.