Allstate Identity Protection

  • Allstate Identity Protection will monitor your credit reports, help you look after your online activity, from financial transactions to what you share on social media. 

    • Catch fraud at its earliest sign with tri-bureau monitoring and an annual tri-bureau credit report and score.
    • Lock your TransUnion credit report in one click and get credit freeze assistance.
    • Get reimbursed for fraud-related losses like stolen HSA funds or fraudulent tax returns with their $1 million identity theft insurance policy.
    • Get help disputing errors on your credit report
    • See and control your personal data with their unique Allstate Digital Footprint tool.


What to do if I am a victim of fraud?

  • If you suspect you are a victim of fraud or identity theft, please contact Allstate's privacy advocates as soon as possible, 1-855-821-2331. The privacy advocate will ask you questions and perform research with you to determine if you are a victim. Once a fraudulent case has been established, a remediation specialist will work on your behalf to manage the case and help restore your identity. The remediation specialists are Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists. They are experts in identity restoration and are committed to doing the legwork to restore your identity for you.

Allstate Identity Protection Information