Professional License Renewal

  • KSDE Professional License Renewal Form 3A

    The process of renewing your professional license is now an online process through the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) Portal. If you do not already have a login established with KSDE, you must register a user name and password first.

     Steps for completing an online renewal application:

    1. Access the Kansas Licensure Application System (KLAS) website
    2. Log in with the username and password you created or create an account with New User Registration.
    3. Click on the License Application menu to access the application form you need.
    4. Fill in the form and click submit.


    You can monitor the process of your application using the License Look-up link below.

Printing Your Kansas Teaching License

  • The information below provides links and guidance in renewing your teaching license with the Kansas State Department of Education. Human Resources will be glad to help you, but individual questions are best answered by the licensure officers at KSDE.

    The Kansas State Department of Education ceased printing teaching licenses on July 1, 2013. Now licensed educators access their license online and print a copy or save the license as a PDF. If you are scheduled for a new or renewed license, you will need to access your license online and provide a digital copy of your license to Human Resources. Instructions for accessing a copy of your license are below.

    If your Application Status says “PRINTED” or “NOT ACTIVE” then you should be able to print your new license. Also note your Status Date, which references when your Application Status was last changed.

    Regulations still require the district to have your license filed. Human Resources will need to be notified when you have a new license or added endorsement. As soon as your new license has been approved, please do the following:

    1. Go online to License Look-up (see link below).
    2. Enter your first name and last name and select search.
    3. Just about an inch under your name, you will see a button labeled “Print License.” When you click on that button, a copy of your license will open up.
    4. The information for your license will appear on screen. You will have to scroll down to see everything. You will see your ID number, your license expiration date, your endorsements, your areas of “Highly Qualified,” and what you will need to renew your license before the expiration date.
    5. Once you have opened a copy of your license, you may print one for yourself or select “File” from the menu at the top of the screen and “Save as” to a file location of your choice. This step is solely for your own files and records.

    To provide Human Resources a copy, go to “File” and select “Attach to Email.” An email will come up with the attachment already in the attachment pane. Enter your employee ID in the subject line.Send the email to Human Resources will take care of filing your license.


    If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Koonce at 913-780-8040 or by email @