Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

  • All questions regarding licensure renewal should be directed to Hayden Cain in the Human Resources department at the Education Center. You can reach Hayden at (913) 780-8109, district direct 5001-8091, or by email @

    How do I renew my Professional License?

    The process of renewing your professional license is now an online process through the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) Portal. If you do not already have a login established with KSDE, you must register a user name and password first.

     Steps for completing an online renewal application:

    1. Access the Public Authenticated Applications website
    2. Click on the register button to display the KSDE User Registration Form.
    3. Follow the steps to complete the registration process.
    4. Log in with the username and password you created to see the KSDE Web Applications link.
    5. Click on the License Application menu to access the application form you need.
    6. Fill in the form and click submit.

    You can monitor the process of your application using the License Look-up link.

    When can I renew?

    If you are within six months of your license renewal, you may start the process of relicensing. The links below provide information on renewing your teaching license with the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE).

    How do I submit my new or renewed license to Olathe Public Schools?

    KSDE does not notify us when your license is issued, renewed or updated with a new endorsement. See printing your Kansas Teaching License for instructions on updating your license with Olathe Public Schools Human Resources Department.

    How do I renew based on accredited experience?

    If you are renewing your professional license based on verification of three years of accredited experience, you should direct the verification form to Hayden Cain in Human Resources at

    How do I renew based on professional development points?

    If you are renewing your professional license based on professional development points, KSDE will send a request for your official transcript to Lori Busing in Human Resources. Your official transcript will be uploaded directly to KSDE. We no longer need to print paper transcripts.

    How do I use college credits to renew my license?

    If you need to convert college credits into professional development points for your professional licensing requirements, please send an official paper college transcript to: Olathe Public Schools, Attn: Hayden Cain, 14160 S. Black Bob Road, Olathe, KS 66063-2000. Once your transcript has been ordered, please enter the coursework in Frontline Education Professional Growth (formerly MyLearningPlan) for approval. Courses should be entered on the CERT/College Credit form. You should submit one form for each course. When your credits are posted, an official professional development transcript will be uploaded to KSDE.