Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply for jobs in Olathe Public Schools?

    Submit an online application. Your application will stay active for one year. Select which jobs you would like to submit your application.

    I submitted an application but would like to apply for another position. What steps should I take?

    Log in to your account and simply edit your application. You can also add additional references and job qualifications by logging into your application.

    I am having technical issues with my application.

    For technical issues or questions with your application please visit our recruitment and hiring help page.

    Can I reach out to the principal to ask for an interview?

    The Olathe principals and Human Resources discourage applicants from contacting the principals directly. Principals are able to view your application and contact candidates directly for an interview.

    I haven’t heard from anyone since applying for my position. When should I expect to hear from someone?

    Unfortunately, due to the high volume of candidates applying for positions at Olathe Public Schools, we cannot contact or respond to every applicant. Our principals set their own interview schedules and attempt to complete all interviews within three weeks of when a position is posted. However, it can often take longer to complete the process and determine the candidate that will be hired for the position.

    I had an interview and have not heard back from anyone yet. When should I expect to hear from someone?

    If you have not heard any results after your interview, this means that the principal is still completing the interview process with candidates. When the candidate-for-hire is selected, they will be contacted and interviewed. Candidates that are not selected will receive a notification email from Human Resources.

    What can I do to get maximize my exposure to get an interview?

    The best tool is to use your application and the tools available within the application. These tools include completing and submitting the application, adding to your application any specific job postings that interest you, uploading any requested documents, completing the Teacher Fit test (for certified teachers).

    Do I have the correct certification for the position that I am applying for?

    Contact Kansas Department of Education at or contact a KSDE licensure consultant according to the last four digits of your social security number:

    Nikk Nelson for SSNs 0000-5999, call 785-291-3371 or email

    Diana Stephan for SSNs 6000-9999, call 785-296-2280 or email