Medical Insurance

  • Eligible employees have six medical plan options through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City to choose from:

    • $3200 Blue Select Plus HDHP
    • $1500 PPO Blue Select Plus 
    • $3200 HDHP Spira Care
    • $2000 Spira Care
    • $3200 Preferred Care Blue HDHP
    • $1500 PPO Preferred Care Blue

    Reviewing the plan summaries below will aid you in selecting the best medical plan for you and your family's healthcare needs. 

    Visit the Informacion En Espanol page for the Spanish version of these documents.  

Medical Premium Rates

Blue Select Plus Plans

  • Blue Select Plus is considered a narrow provider network. This means only specific doctors and hospitals are participating in this network. Please contact your provider to see if your doctor participates in the Blue Select Plus Network.  

    In-Network Hospitals:

    • Olathe Medical Center
    • AdventHealth Shawnee Mission Hospital
    • Cameron Regional Medical Center
    • University of Kansas Hospital
    • Truman Medical Center - Hospital Hill
    • Truman Medical Center - Lakewood
    • Liberty Hospital
    • North Kansas City Hospital
    • Children's Mercy Hospital
    • Children's Mercy Hospital South

    For more detailed plan information, please review the plan summaries listed below.

Blue Select Plus Information

Spira Care

  • Spira Care members will benefit from the network's lower overall costs and convenient access to local providers across the metro area. Depending on which Spira Care plan you select, all primary care and behavioral health services provided at the Care Centers are covered for either no or low out-of-pocket cost to members. Routine preventative care, x-rays, chronic condition management, lab work, and behavior health sciences are just a few of the services offered at the Spira Care Clinics.  

    Spira Care Centers are conveniently located across the Kansas City metro area.  For the location that works best for you, check the available Care Centers on the Spira Care website.

    If you need care outside the clinic, you will have access to the Blue Select Plus network of doctors and hospitals within the Kansas City metro area. 

Spira Care Information

Preferred Care Blue Plans

  • The Preferred Care Blue plans are a broader network of doctors and hospitals. The premium costs and out-of-pocket expenses will be slightly higher than a Blue Select Plus plan. However, this plan has a wider range of doctors and hospitals to choose from.

    For more detailed plan information, please review the plan summaries listed below.

Preferred Care Blue Information

BCBS of KC Information

OptumRx Information

OptumRx Pharmacy

  • OptumRx Prescription Change

    To fill maintenance prescriptions at your local pharmacy, you need to disenroll in the Mail Service Member Select program otherwise you may pay full price at the second refill.

    • Log into the website.
    • Click on Plan Benefits then Pharmacy
    • Click on View Your Pharmacy Benefits to be taken to the OptumRx website.
    • Select My Profile and scroll down to Mail Service Member Select.

Medicaid Assistance