R.E.A. Officers and Committees

  • Members of the Olathe Public Schools Retired Employees Association executive board say, "We're excited about this organization because it provides the opportunity to keep in touch with former colleagues, to make new friends through social activities, and to continue to serve the students of this district and the community of Olathe."

    Our Mission

    To enrich life by providing resources for our members and the educational community. 

    Our Vision Statement

    To support, share information and socialize with the Olathe Public Schools and retired employees.

    photos of the Retired Employees Association board Officers, Committee Contacts

    The 2018-19 board includes President Earl Martin, Treasurer Connie Viebrock, Secretary Paula Slifer, Past President John Kieffer, President Elect Roger Ramseyer, At Large David Brewer, Phyllis Freeman, Melinda Kearney, Wendy Scholten, Gary Ulmer, Kathy Falen; Committee Representatives Kathy Falen, Marsha Stoker, Judy Rapp, Texanna Ollenberger, Debbie Ramirez Koch, Tom Kearney, Doug Cox, Stephanie Royer, Raleen Cox, Diane Gossage, Ernie Claudel, Terri Jarboe, Mary Cochran; District Personnel Heather Schoonover and Amanda York.

    REA 2018-19 officers:

    • President — Earl Martin
    • President-elect — Roger Ramseyer
    • Secretary — Paula Slifer
    • Treasurer — Connie Viebrock
    • Treasurer-elect — Gary Ulmer
    • Past president — John Kieffer
    • Members-at-large — David Brewer, Kathy Falen, Phyllis Freeman, Melinda Kearney, Wendy Scholten, Gary Ulmer
    • Member emeritus — Mary Cochran

    REA Committees:

    • Care and Concern — Diana Stevens
      • Reach out to members during times of crisis and times of celebration
    • Community Organizations — Tom Kearney
    • District Liaison — Heather Schoonover
    • Fundraising — Diane Gossage, Terri Jarboe and Marsha Stoker
      • Develop plans for raising funds for the organization and for scholarships on behalf of ODS-REA
    • Legislative / Benefits — Ernie Claudel
      • Keep members informed about legislative and state retirement issues that impact retired school district employees and collaborate with school district administrators to keep members informed about benefits available to retirees
    • Media Specialist (Facebook/photographer) — Tom Kearney
    • Membership — Judy Rapp and Debbie Ramirez Koch
      • Organize annual membership drives
    • Olathe Public Schools Foundation — Paula Slifer
    • Publicity/Communications — Amanda York
      • Develop publications/communications
    • Scholarships — Raleen Cox and Stephanie Royer
      • Get information to school counselors and Future Teacher Organizations about the REA scholarship; help judge applications and choose the winner from each school
    • Social — Diane Gossage and Texanna Ollenberger
      • Plan programs and activities of interest to retirees
    • Trips / Outings — Don Everhart
    • Volunteerism — Doug Cox
      • Notify members of ways they can volunteer in schools and community; collect and report volunteer hours to appropriate agencies