OPS My Future

  • #OPSMyFuture is a series featuring Olathe middle and high school students who are using what they have learned in our schools to make a positive impact on their future.

    Our mission is to prepare every student for their future through our focus on the Portrait of a Graduate. The “Portrait of a Graduate” encapsulates what we want our students to know and be able to do before they leave our school district including Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Creativity and Innovation, Initiative and Self Direction, Resilience and Social and Emotional Wellbeing, Communication, and Social and Cross-Cultural.

    Check out the most recent #OPSMyFuture stories here. Want to nominate a student to be featured? Email your recommendation to communications@olatheschools.org.

Meet Some of Our Amazing Middle and High School Students

  • Students Intern with Local Architecture Firm over the Summer

  • Olathe North Grad Starts Business with Skills Learned in School

  • CTMS Student Shares Her Love of Math

  • Graduate Believes Good Leadership is Key

  • Northwest Grad has Eye for Design

  • Graduate Wants to Give Back to Community

  • North Student Heading to International Science, Engineering Fair

  • OEHS Senior Ready for Next Stage of Life

  • ONHS Senior Explores Healthcare Field

  • Passion Leads to Founding of Non-Profit

  • OPS Student Wins KC BizFest Scholarship

  • Middle School Student Coaches Dance Class for Students with Special Needs

  • Olathe Race Car Association

  • Future Educators Academy Students Mentor Middle School Students

  • Olathe Northwest Students' Drawings Made 3D by Peers