Abbreviations and Terms

  • Educators, like other professionals, use abbreviations and terms in their daily conversations to quickly communicate programs and services. While useful to those who know what the abbreviations or terms stand for, they may be confusing to others who do not understand their meaning.

    Abbreviations and educational terms should used sparingly or explained when communicating with parents or community patrons.


Term Definition
AC Arbor Creek Elementary School, 16150 S. Brougham Dr., Olathe KS 66062, 913-780-7300
ACCESS The Adult Career Community Education Services Supports (ACCESS) program provides opportunities and instruction focused on developing skills that will prepare students with intellectual disabilities to be successful members of the community. Contact: Special Services
Accommodations Changes in design or administration of instruction, activities or assessments based on the special needs of students with disabilities or students who are learning English. Contact: ELL or Special Services
Accreditation Official recognition that required standards are met; all schools are accredited by the State of Kansas. Contact: Assessment and School Improvement
ACT The American College Testing exam measures the skills of English, mathematics, reading and science reasoning, the academic areas traditionally identified with college preparatory high school programs. A composite score is an average of the four academic areas. Contact: School Counselor
Active Participation Instructional strategies that call for students' engagement in the learning process. These strategies may include writing-to-learn, cooperative learning, Every Pupil Response (EPR), and calling on students at random. Contact: Learning Services
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act is a civil rights law prohibiting discrimination against people with disabilities in areas of employment, public services, public accommodations, transportation and communication. Contact: Special Services
ADD/ADHD Attention Deficit (Hyperactive) Condition is a syndrome characterized by serious and persistent difficulties in three specific areas: attention span, impulse control and hyperactivity. People with this condition generally display some difficulty in each area to varying degrees, though not all ADD children show hyperactivity. They may have problems with organization and distractibility. Contact: Special Services
AED Automated External Defibrillator is a device created for use in the community setting by trained individuals to externally shock the heart of an individual who is unconscious and in cardiac arrest (no breathing and no pulse). Contact: Health Services
AIA Autism Instructional Assistant is a uniquely trained and experienced classified support staff member who provides individualized support and training for specifically identified students with autism and the classroom staff in need of such intense support and training. Contact: Special Services
AP Advanced Placement (AP) is an internationally recognized standard of academic excellence that can enhance a student's opportunities for scholarships, career possibilities, reduction in college costs, time to obtain a degree and admission into recognized universities and post-secondary programs. The Olathe School District offers AP courses in language arts, mathematics, social studies and science. Contact: Learning Services / High School Counselors
APE Adaptive Physical Education is physical education that is modified to accommodate the particular needs of children with disabilities. Adaptive Physical Education staff work in collaboration with General Education Physical Education staff in developing and adapting physical education curriculums to assure that students with disabilities are afforded opportunities to access the general curriculum and successfully participate in physical education classes/activities.
AT Assistive Technology is a Special Services consultation (assessment and training resource). Focus is on evaluation of a student’s need to access curriculum and activities through augmentation using technology (alternative communication and environmental contracts). Contact: Special Services
AUP Acceptable Use Policy is a Board of Education-approved policy included in the Student Code of Conduct Handbook outlining terms and conditions of school computer and Internet use. Contact: Technology
AVID Advancement Via Individual Determination prepares select students who may not be considering college and some who may be the first in their family to consider college for four-year college eligibility. Academic support assists students in the completion of rigorous coursework. AVID is currently available in all high schools and select middle school sites. Contact: School Counselors
AWE Alternative Work Experience (AWE) is an in-district community worksite available for students with intellectual disabilities to develop a variety of workplace skills needed for meeting their post-secondary measurable goals. Contact: Special Services


Term Definition
B.E.A.M. Bridging Education and Medicine is a partnership between the Olathe Medical Center and the Olathe School District to provide students with opportunities to observe professions within the medical field. Career nights, medical provider breakfast and internships are provided for students to register and/or apply.
BB Black Bob Elementary School, 14701 S. Brougham Dr., Olathe KS 66062, 913-780-7310
BBP Blood borne Pathogens are bacteria and viruses carried in the blood and certain other body fluids of an infected person. They may be transmitted to a healthy person when the infected fluid comes in contact with the healthy person's non-intact skin and/or mucous membranes. Contact: Health Services
BE Bentwood Elementary School, 13000 Bond, Overland Park KS 66213, 913-780-7320
Benchmarks Any specific, measurable goals for students to meet at various points during the school year.
Best Practices Instructional methods and strategies that have been proven effective based on educational research.
BIA Behavior Instructional Assistants (BIA) assist in the supervision, care and instruction of students with behavioral needs; assisting in implementing plans for instruction; monitoring student behavior; providing information to appropriate school personnel.
BIP Behavior Intervention Plan is based on the functional behavioral assessment for students for whom there are behavioral concerns. The BIP is developed by the school team and includes the identification of the target behavior, positive behavioral interventions, and behavioral supports that will be implemented when behaviors surface in the school setting. Contact: Special Services
Block Scheduling Organizing the school day, usually in secondary schools, into blocks of time longer than typical class periods.
BLT Building Leadership Teams are the school improvement team in each building. Teams consist of the principal and certified representatives responsible for providing leadership for ongoing school improvements. Contact: Assessment and School Improvement
BOE The Board of Education is comprised of seven elected community representatives functioning under the statutes of the State of Kansas. Contact: Clerk of the Board
BOTA Board of Tax Appeals is the state agency that hears school district appeals for additional local funding for the operation of new schools constructed for extraordinary growth. The district makes these appeals during the spring prior to the actual opening of the new facilities. Contact: Business and Finance
BR Brougham Elementary School, 15500 S. Brougham Dr., Olathe KS 66062, 913-780-7350
BSEL Behavior Social Emotional Learning is a department in Learning Services that works to provide behavior, social emotional, and mental health support. Contact: Learning Services
Building Report Card A summary of select indicators showing how a school and students are performing. Contact: Assessment and School Improvement
BW Briarwood Elementary School, 14101 S. Brougham Dr., Olathe KS 66062, 913-780-7330


Term Definition
CBI Community Based Instruction is the educational opportunity that involves generalizing previously taught functional curriculum and daily living skills within the community. Contact: Special Services
CBM Curriculum-based measurement (CBM) is an approach to measuring student academic growth along with evaluating the effectiveness of instruction in the classroom. Curriculum-based measurement is a simple set of standardized procedures that are a way to obtain reliable and valid measurement of a student’s achievement. Contact: Special Services
CBR Center Based Resource programs create a successful learning environment for students that have a Significant Cognitive Disability that greatly impacts intellectual and adaptive functioning. The goal of the CBR program is for students to obtain the skills needed to be successful in their future. Contact: Special Services
CC Cedar Creek Elementary School, 11150 S. Clare Rd., Olathe KS 66061, 913-780-7360
CE Central Elementary School, 305 E. Cedar, Olathe KS 66061, 913-780-7370
CLA Computer Learning Associate program provides elementary students with access to the computer lab every week. The CLA is responsible for supervising students in the computer lab, facilitating meaningful activities to develop students’ technology skills and knowledge, and troubleshooting / reporting computer problems within the lab. Contact: Instructional Technology
CLC Claire Learning Center is the educational day school provided by Olathe Public Schools for children receiving residential treatment through KidsTLC. Located at 540 S. Rogers Rd., Olathe KS 66062, 913-780-7017.
CO3 C = Cyber, O = Olathe, 3 = strands of safety, security and integrity This district initiative targets awareness of the issues of Cyber Bullying, Cyber Integrity, and Cyber Safety through curriculum, resources, and educational support for students, families, and staff. Contact: Safe and Drug-Free Schools
College Now The name of some high school classes that are approved for college credit through Johnson County Community College (JCCC). Contact: School Counselors
CONNECT The Collaborative Opportunities for Natural Networking Experiences and Community Transition (CONNECT) program provides opportunities and instruction focused on developing skills that will prepare students with multiple disabilities or significant medical needs to be successful members of the community. Contact: Special Services
Cooperative Learning Specific instructional structures that call for all students to be engaged in the learning process. These structures may include line-ups, think-pair-share, round robin, and jigsaw, just to name a few. Contact: Learning Services
COTA Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant is a person licensed to assist in the practice of occupational therapy under the supervision of an occupational therapist. Contact: Special Services
CPI The philosophy of Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) is to provide care, welfare, safety and security for everyone involved in a crisis moment. CPI provides training in safe, respectful, noninvasive methods for managing disruptive and assaultive behavior. Contact: Special Services
CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is the first aid measure combining chest compressions and rescue breathing to circulate oxygen to the brain if a person's heart has stopped beating. Contact: Health Services
CREWS Career Related Experiences through Work (CREWS) is a community-based vocational experience for secondary students with significant disabilities. Contact: Special Services
CS Countryside Elementary School, 15800 W. 124th Terr., Olathe KS 66062, 913-780-7390
CST Chisholm Trail Middle School, 16700 W. 159th St., Olathe KS 66062, 913-780-7240
CT California Trail Middle School, 13775 W. 133rd St., Olathe KS 66062, 913-780-7220
CTE Career Technical Education provides middle and high school students with the knowledge and skills they need to be prepared for successful careers. Leadership and interpersonal skill development are enhanced through career technical student organizations. Students often can earn college credits and participate in work-based learning opportunities. Olathe Public Schools offers 22 career pathway options for student success in today's highly skilled workforce.
CTS Career Transition Specialists are secondary special education staff who serve secondary students with Individual Education Programs (IEPs) and support IEP teams regarding transition services needed to prepare students for their postsecondary measurable goals. Contact: Special Services
Curriculum The district document all teachers use to define what students will know, understand, and do to demonstrate learning in each subject area. Contact: Learning Services
CW Clearwater Creek Elementary School, 930 S. Clearwater Creek Dr., Olathe KS 66061, 913-780-7380
CY Canyon Creek Elementary School, 24001 W. 97th Terrace, Lenexa KS 66227, 913-780-7400


Term Definition
D/HH Deaf/Hard of Hearing means a loss of auditory function sufficiently severe to affect the ability to communicate with others or to develop communication or learning skills. Contact: Special Services
DBQ Document Based Question (DBQ) assess the ability of a student to work with historical sources in multiple forms. The DBQ requires many of the same skills used in developing a research paper – interpreting primary and secondary sources, evaluating sources, considering multiple points of view, using historic evidence, and developing and supporting a thesis. Contact: Learning Services / Social Studies
DD Developmental Delay: A child who has a developmental delay is continually behind in skills in one or more developmental areas compared to peers of the same age. Contact: Special Services
Differentiated Instruction Maximizing each student's growth by supporting different classroom learning experiences in response to student needs. Contact: Learning Services
Disaggregation of data Organizing and reporting data into segments based on the characteristics of the entire group (gender, race or ethnicity, disability, economic status, first or primary language). Contact: Assessment and School Improvement
DLM The Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) alternate assessment is used for our students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. The DLM assessment provides academic standards based Essential Elements that are used to measure academic achievement for students who are eligible for the alternate assessment. Contact: Special Services
DS Distinguished Scholar The Distinguished Scholar 21st Century Academy provides an opportunity for the district's top scholars to apply for enrollment in six highly specialized and advanced academic areas of study: international languages, English/language arts, math, political science, science, and the visual arts. This program, located at Olathe North High School, is available to a limited number of qualified high school students throughout the district. Contact: School Counselors


Term Definition
eAcademy A variety of high school courses taught by Olathe teachers are available to students who live within Olathe School District boundaries. Online courses are used by students to provide scheduling flexibility in their Individual Plan of Study, and students must have counselor permission to enroll. Students can visit the eAcademy website or see their counselor for more information. Contact: eLearning Coordinator
EAS Extended Absence Services, also referred to as Homebound, provides temporary educational services to students who are medically unable to attend school in their comprehensive settings for a limited period of time. Contact: Special Services
ECD Early Childhood Disability programs are designed to provide appropriate intervention services to meet the needs of individual children identified with disabilities, age 3 to 5. Contact: Special Services
ECSE Early Childhood Special Education programs are designed to provide appropriate intervention services to meet the needs of individual children identified with disabilities, age 3 to 5. Contact: Special Services
ED Emotionally Disturbed, previously referred to as Emotional Disturbance, relates to a condition with one or more behavioral characteristics: 1) exhibited at a much higher or lower rate than is age-appropriate, 2) documented as occurring over an extended period in different settings, and 3) interfering consistently with the student's educational performance. This interference is not the result of intellectual, sensory, cultural or health factors that have not received appropriate attention.
ELA English Language Arts
ELL English Language Learners is the current name for English as a Second Language students. The name recognizes that many of these students knew several other languages before learning English. Most people require one to three years to acquire a new language for use in social settings and five to seven years to acquire full academic use of a new language. Contact: Learning Services / ELL
EPIC EPIC is a series of after-school workshops for educators new to the Olathe School District. A master’s degree (through Emporia State University) may be earned by participating in EPIC and other courses. Contact: Learning Services / New Educator Induction
ERI Early Reading Intervention is a building-level team that analyzes data to identify students needing extra reading support, develops and implements strategic small group instruction, and meets on a regular basis to monitor progress and adjust instruction. Contact: Learning Services
ESY Extended School Year are special education services made available to students identified with disabilities during summer vacation as determined necessary by each student's IEP team in accordance with Kansas ESY eligibility criteria. The purpose of extended school year services is to prevent significant regression during summer vacation that the student will not be able to recoup within a reasonable time frame upon return to school in the fall. Contact: Special Services
Extended Learning Learning is extended through strategic instruction before and after school, and through tutoring sessions during the day. Contact: Assessment and School Improvement


Term Definition
FAPE "Free appropriate public education" means special education and related services that are: 1) paid for by the public, under public supervision and direction, and without charge to the parent; 2) meet the standards of the state board; 3) include preschool, elementary, or secondary school education; and 4) provided according to an individualized education program (IEP).
FBA Functional Behavior Assessment is an assessment that identifies and defines the target behaviors or patterns of behavior in observable, descriptive and operational terms. It involves collecting information from multiple sources and settings, and recognizing circumstances, events and consequences resulting in the identification of the function and purpose of target behaviors. FBAs are necessary to develop a Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP). Contact: Special Services
FERPA The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that affords parents the right to have access to their children's education records, the right to seek to have the records amended, and the right to have some control over the disclosure of personally identifiable information from the education records. Contact: General Administration
FLIP Families Learning In Partnership is a primary grade family literacy and math program. Sessions are offered to all families in our Title 1 and at-risk buildings with students in grades K-3. Programs focus on how parents can help their students with reading, writing and and numeracy skills that mirror what happens at school. Contact: Learning Services / Language Arts
FLSA Fair Labor Standards Act is the federal agency which oversees compliance of organizations with hiring and compensation practices with employees. An example would be the oversight of how employers manage the collection and accurate payment of non-exempt employees for overtime worked. Contact: Human Resources
FOCUS The Focus On Careers and Unique Skills (FOCUS) program provides opportunities and instruction focused on developing skills that will prepare students with intellectual disabilities to be successful members of the community. Contact: Special Services
FRV Forest View Elementary School, 12567 S. Canyon Dr., Olathe KS 66061, 913-780-7440
FT Frontier Trail Middle School, 15300 W. 143rd St., Olathe KS 66062, 913-780-7210
FTE Full-time equivalent.
FV Fairview Elementary School, 600 N. Marion, Olathe KS 66061, 913-780-7430


Term Definition
GED Test of General Educational Development is a high school equivalency test administered by Johnson County Community College to students who are at least 18 years old and have not graduated from high school. Contact: Alternative Education
GPA Grade Point Average is the average of a student’s grades over a set period of time. Contact: School Counselors
GS Green Springs Elementary School, 14675 S. Alden Street, Olathe KS 66062, 913-780-7450


Term Definition
HC Havencroft Elementary School, 1700 E. Sheridan, Olathe KS 66062, 913-780-7470
Head Start A federal program for preschool children whose family income falls below the federal poverty guidelines. This educational program is designed to meet each child's individual needs. Children receive vision, hearing, developmental, height and weight screenings. Dental and physical exams and immunizations are completed. Children receive breakfast and lunch to meet a third of their daily nutritional needs. Contact: Head Start
HELP Clinic Help Each Learn Productively Clinic is staffed by mental health professionals and provides therapeutic services to students during the day, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and during the summer months. Contact: BSEL Department
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. The act set national standards for the privacy of personal health information. Contact: Health Services or Special Services
HIV / HBV Human Immunodeficiency Virus is the virus that attacks the body's immune system causing the disease known as AIDS. Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) is a blood borne virus that causes inflammation of the liver and may lead to liver damage but can be prevented by with a vaccine. Contact: Health Services
HLC Heartland Early Childhood Center, 1700 W. Sheridan St., Olathe KS 66061, 913-780-7410
HMC Harmony Early Childhood Center, 14030 S. Black Bob Rd., Olathe KS 66062, 913-780-7015
HN Heatherstone Elementary School, 13745 W. 123rd St., Olathe KS 66062, 913-780-7480
HRC Human Relations Committee recommends and undertakes activities designed to foster understanding and cooperation within the diverse student body and community of the Olathe School District. Contact: Learning Services / ELL
HT Heritage Elementary School, 1700 E. Pawnee Dr., Olathe KS 66062, 913-780-7490