About the Professional Council

  • The Professional Council partners with the Board of Education to work for educational excellence for all students. The council meets to:

    • Fulfill the statutory requirements of the Professional Negotiations Act with the exclusive representative group, Olathe NEA, as designated by the Board of Education on November 5, 1970.
    • Discuss, study, advise, and recommend on subjects the district and Olathe NEA mutually agree upon related to Olathe School District, USD 233.
    • Act as a communications clearing house.
    • Support the Board of Education’s strategic goal of recruiting and retaining quality staff by studying and addressing topics related to:
      • compensation, including salary and benefits,
      • climate, such as working conditions
      • student learning.


    The Professional Council serves the Board of Education, licensed/certified, non-administrative personnel, also referred to as the bargaining unit. The Olathe NEA bargaining unit along with the Board of Education, ratifies the Personnel Policies and Professional Employee Agreement.


    Olathe NEA and Olathe Public Schools have a long history of working collaboratively. The number one focus of the council is quality education for our students as a result of a quality, professional staff.


    The Council is composed of six members who represent the Olathe NEA (selected by the ONEA president) and six members who represent district administration (selected by the superintendent).

    Decision Making

    The council strives for a consensus for actions and recommendations.

    The council is empowered to appoint committees comprised of educators and administrators to study and report on mutually agreed upon subjects.

    Communicating with Others

    The Professional Council communicates regularly to the professional staff through:

    • Olathe NEA Association representative monthly meetings.
    • Administrative Staff meetings.
    • O-Zone staff intranet.
    • Email and website.
    • Newsletters.
    • In The Know email to all staff.
    • Personnel Policies and Professional Employee Agreement.

    Contact with the Council

    • Contact any member of the Professional Council. The superintendent's designee and the president of Olathe NEA set agenda items.
    • Surveys.

    Council Accomplishments

    • Paid Time Off (PTO) model that recognizes professionalism and personal needs.
    • Compensation.
    • Professional Pay Salary Schedule providing higher career earnings, a more professional compensation structure and greater retention and recruitment of quality staff.
    • Exchange of accumulated leave upon Kansas Public Employee Retirement System (KPERS) retirement for monetary contribution into retiree’s Health Reimbursement Arrangement account.
    • Health insurance — controlling rate increases while implementing discounts for wellness.
    • Working conditions.
    • Increased elementary plan time.
    • Collaborative role between principals and Olathe NEA association representatives.
    • Continuous support for the staff/board Guiding Principles and the board-adopted decision-making model.
    • Student learning.
    • Increased educator quality through professional growth process and professional development.
    • Rewarding improvement in professional practice through salary schedule advancement using professional development points.
    • Negotiated Building Level Team (BLT) approved stipends to support school improvement activities.