R.E.A. Membership

  • Membership in OPS-REA is open to all persons who have retired from the Olathe Public Schools. Dues are currently $14 per year, which goes to fund our activities. We also encourage membership in Kansas Association of Retired School Personnel (KARSP) whose dues are $15 per year.

    OPS-REA dues are aligned with the school year (September to June). Dues paid after March 30 will apply to the next school year.

    KARSP dues expire Dec. 31 each year. Members can pay at the September gathering, or send dues to the Olathe Public Schools-REA office at 300 E. Loula, Olathe KS 66061.

    Reasons to Belong:

    • Comradeship — Share information, support and socialize, travel
    • Connection — Participate in school and district functions, special programs, ODS-REA newsletter
    • Contact — Utilize talents and skills, mentor students, community involvement

    Please download and complete the membership application (PDF) if you're interested in being part of this active group. Send the application to Olathe Public Schools REA, 300 E. Loula, Olathe KS 66061.