Client-Connected Projects

  • Criteria

    Client-connected projects are authentic problems which students solve in collaboration with professionals from industry, not-for-profit, or community-based organizations. 

    Client-Connected Projects are MVA-level (Market Value Assets) experiences when they are…

    • Sourced (at least sponsored) by the client
    • Supplementary to students’ professional network
    • Resume-worthy (meaningful)
    • At least 24 hours of work, with at least 4 hours engaged with the client
    • Jointly evaluated 

    What should be considered in planning the content of the project? Who should lead?

    Step 1: Evaluate Work

    • What work is available?
    • Is the work appropriate for student involvement?
    • Which work optimizes student and organizational needs?
    • Who would be most appropriate to serve as the primary client contact? 

    Step 2: Set Appropriate Goals

    • What would make this client-project experience a success for the employer?
    • Which critical skills can be developed throughout this project?
    • Self-directed learning
    • Adaptive problem solving
    • Project management
    • Documenting problem-solving process
    • Communicate and collaborate
    • Create value for others
    • Seek and use feedback 

    Step 3: Set Project Expectations: Establish project parameters to help students understand the project and plan execution

    • Key challenge/problem statement
    • Student goals
    • Engagement with SMEs
    • Feedback and reflection cycle
    • Documentation of approach
    • Finished product 

    Step 4: Create Timeline

    • Establish key milestones for students
    • Ideate back-up plans for any surprises 

    Guide and Proposals

    The Real-World Learning Guide to Client-Conjected Projects provides additional information. Please click here to access the guide.

    Our team welcomes proposals for client-connected projects.  Please click here to submit a project proposal  and a team member will reach out to you soon.