• Internships

    • Internships are WBL experiences that place students in a real workplace environment to develop and practice career-related knowledge and skills for a specific career field related to the student’s career interests, abilities, and goals. This is typically reserved for our high school seniors. Most will have at least one to two hours within their school day to attend their internship. Students will attend an internship bootcamp with our district Career Pathways facilitators before beginning their placements. The following outlines the details of qualifying internships.
    • Students will complete a minimum of 120 hours per year on-site experience.
    • Internship hours can take place outside of the school day or during summer. USD 233 cannot require students to attend during non-school days or inclement weather days, but we do encourage them to attend if it is safe for them to do so and their worksite supervisor approves.
    • Internships may be paid or unpaid. If paid, they must be in compliance with federal and state labor laws.
    • Students completing unpaid internships will be covered by Olathe’s liability insurance.
    • Students must have taken at least 1.0 credits of coursework that aligned with internship experience.
    • All stakeholders — business, students, parents, school/district — will agree and sign Olathe's Work-Based Learning Agreement form.

    2023-2024 Internship Dates

    • Fall 2023: Wednesday, Sept. 6 – Friday, Dec. 8
    • Spring 2024: Tuesday, Jan. 16 – Friday, May 3

    Students may begin their internship before the official start dates IF:

    • All Work-Based Learning forms are signed and completed digitally by all parties (student, worksite supervisor, parent, teacher, career pathways facilitator).
    • The worksite supervisor agrees to host the student before the official start date.