High School Students

  • Work-Based Learning Opportunities 

    During their senior year, high school students can participate in a rich hands-on learning experience by completing an internship with a business partner.

    For the experience to count as an internship, the experience must meet these requirements:

    1. The internship must fulfill at least 1.0 graduation credit of the student's course work, as well as match the interests and abilities of the student.
    2. The internship will be a partnership with a business to complete a minimum of 120 hours learning and demonstrating skills.
    3. Internship experiences can take place during school, after school, or during the summer.
    4. The internship will include both an employer evaluation and a classroom teacher evaluation of student performance quarterly. Students will also self-evaluate during the process.

    Before the internship experience, students will do the following: 

    1. Develop a resume tailored to their desired internship experience.
    2. Identify internship opportunities in our community and reach out personally to a potential internship host, or to browse potential opportunities.
    3. Interview for an internship.
    4. Once hired, complete the Work-Based Learning agreement, student transportation form, and emergency contact form. These will be emailed to the student's school district email address. Parent, business partner, teacher, and student must sign all of these forms before starting the experience.
    5. Participate in orientation activities required by the internship experience.

    During an internship, students are expected to:

    1. Log weekly time at their internship via Transeo.
    2. Abide by all school, employer, and coordinator policies, including being on time, following directions, and following through on preparation and work-experience assignments.
    3. Maintain regular work site attendance, with a goal of 95% or higher per quarter. Interns must communicate absences with their experience supervisor and classroom teacher.
    4. Complete weekly reflection questions and quarterly self-evaluations.