• Educators Rising National 2022 Competitions

    July 7, 2022 ~ Shelley Staples, our Olathe East Future Educators teacher, went to Washington, D.C., for the Educators Rising Nationals 2022 student competitions. Here are some of the highlights:

    • The Team of Payten Mayfield, Claire Heigele, Brooke Wetterstrom, & Clarissa Worley won the Lip Sync Battle that Educators Rising puts on, and took home a mini trophy for their amazing moves.
    • "Inside Our School's" competition team, Katelyn Eastman, Annabelle Konen, Brooke Wetterstrom, & Clarissa Worley were national semifinalists, (Top 10) in the nation, for their video highlighting the innovative practice of Olathe Public Schools, "Hire Our Own" initiative, for which they placed 4th. 
    • "Lesson Planning and Design" was another competition in which our Career & Technical Education Individual competitor, Clarrisa Worley, became a national semifinalist, (Top 10) in the nation, and earned the 1st place championship spot. Her lesson, which she implemented as part of her Senior Capstone WBL with Lydia Vasquez, from Frontier Middle School, was focused on developing basic sewing skills and the students making pillows. Lydia Vasquez graciously helped Clarissa with her lesson planning, design, assessment for students, and her own self reflection. 
    • FEA students also presented to a packed breakout session audience titled "Shaping Relationships," which the students had been working to put together for weeks. This 45-minute interactive PD session focused on building positive relationships in schools and gave tips as well as activities future educators could implement in the classrooms. 
    • The other three Olathe East entries (team and individual) did not place, however, it was an incredible learning experience for all. Here is an idea of the degree of difficulty of being picked to compete; there were over 1,000 competitors and each state gets to send the top two individuals/teams to compete, so in some contests there are over +70 entries. 

73 Olathe Students Named CTE Scholars

  • April 29, 2022 ~ Out of the 140 Kansas Career and Technical Education (CTE) Scholars named by the Kansas State Department of Education, 73 of those seniors go to Olathe Public Schools. Olathe Public Schools had the most CTE scholars out of any district in the state of Kansas. Additionally, this is the most CTE scholars that the district has ever had.

    “This recognition boosts a student’s resume as it showcases their commitment to community service, the development of high-level skills in a pathway, and the growth of employability skills through work-based learning experiences,” Career Pathway Facilitator Kimberly Sterne said.

    The Kansas CTE Scholar program is an opportunity to recognize well-rounded outstanding CTE students who are finishing their senior year of high school. Students must have received or be receiving 3.0 or more CTE credits with verification of technical skill attainment, senior-level status, a CTE GPA of 3.5 or better, civic engagement or 100 community service hours, workplace experience, and have submitted a career vision summary statement.

    These students not only receive state recognition, a commemorative pin, and a special certificate, but will receive a full-ride scholarship to attend Johnson County Community College for two years, which covers tuition and books. Every student was surprised in their CTE class with a presentation check and more information about the award. Congratulations to these Olathe CTE scholars:

    • Jason Coupet, Olathe East High School
    • Turner Lennard, Olathe East High School
    • Spencer Allen, Olathe East High School
    • Andrew Roseburrough, Olathe East High School
    • Geraldin Olaya Crisanto, Olathe East High School
    • Naomi Marion, Olathe East High School
    • Komalpreet Kaur, Olathe East High School
    • Gabrielle Alphson, Olathe East High School
    • Mindi Marstall, Olathe East High School
    • Mallory Crider, Olathe East High School
    • Katie Greene, Olathe East High School
    • Savannah Tiffany, Olathe East High School
    • Addison West, Olathe East High School
    • Alethea Miller, Olathe East High School
    • Amauri Blake, Olathe East High School
    • Aubrey Rogers, Olathe East High School
    • Brooke Wetterstrom, Olathe East High School
    • Clarissa Worley, Olathe East High School
    • Hamida Patel, Olathe East High School
    • Jacob Farmer, Olathe East High School
    • Tabitha Zeigler, Olathe North High School
    • Kearyam Assefa, Olathe North High School
    • Kenneth Arenal-Pecina, Olathe North High School
    • Erin Bagley, Olathe North High School
    • Kariann Kitterman, Olathe North High School
    • Oswaldo Polanco-Valverde, Olathe Northwest High School
    • Alyssa Roland, Olathe Northwest High School
    • BriAnna Batton, Olathe Northwest High School
    • Emma Kolenda, Olathe Northwest High School
    • Alex Yang, Olathe Northwest High School
    • Janine Fuhrman, Olathe Northwest High School
    • Avery Johnson, Olathe Northwest High School
    • Khris Rivera, Olathe Northwest High School
    • Ryan Powell, Olathe South High School
    • Connor Jasper, Olathe South High School
    • Maya Snyder, Olathe South High School
    • Ainsley Sulzen, Olathe South High School
    • Miranda Reyes Gutierrez, Olathe South High School
    • Jaylynn Bridge, Olathe South High School
    • Carter Ison, Olathe South High School
    • Maris Shipley, Olathe West High School
    • Aidan Farmer, Olathe West High School
    • Braden Wheeland, Olathe West High School
    • Aidan Reyna, Olathe West High School
    • Christian Podzimek, Olathe West High School
    • Drew Jahner, Olathe West High School
    • Landon Winters, Olathe West High School
    • Spenser Eisele, Olathe West High School
    • Tyler Arrington, Olathe West High School
    • Aileen Castaneda Ruiz, Olathe West High School
    • Heavynlynn Daniels, Olathe West High School
    • Addisen Lewis, Olathe West High School
    • Alexa Rodriguez-Rosas, Olathe West High School
    • Bella Anderson, Olathe West High School
    • Emma Seibel, Olathe West High School
    • Itzel Valdez-Lopez, Olathe West High School
    • Jossalin Sneed, Olathe West High School
    • Jaqueline Rodriguez, Olathe West High School
    • Titus Jackson, Olathe West High School
    • Brady McDonald, Olathe West High School
    • Aidan Mathieu, Olathe West High School
    • Macy Most, Olathe West High School
    • Ari Robinson, Olathe West High School
    • Caleb A. Greer, Olathe West High School
    • Cole Dock, Olathe West High School
    • Ian Wolf, Olathe West High School
    • Nolan Griffin, Olathe West High School
    • Rylan Curtis, Olathe West High School
    • Trevor Vinzant, Olathe West High School
    • Natasha Frisch, Olathe West High School
    • Tanner Bush, Olathe West High School
    • Carly Saia, Olathe West High School
    • Bryce Webb, Olathe West High School


  • April 7, 2022 - FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) is an in-school Career and Technical student organization focused on Family and Consumer Sciences. Recently, Olathe students had the opportunity to participate at FCCLA State. Congratulations to the following!!

    From Olathe East

    State Event Competitors:

    • Ryleigh Stratton- Baking and Pastry Arts – Level 3 – Top Gold National’s Bound
    • Sydney Trullinger- Career Investigation – Level 3 – Top Gold National’s Bound
    • Cameron McCarthy- Focus on Children – Level 2 – Top Gold National’s Bound
    • Alivia Darbe- Say Yes to FCS Education—Level 3—Silver
    • Lauren King- Early Childhood Education—Level 3—Silver
    • Leane Delerue- Baking and Pastry Arts—Level 3—Silver

    LEO: Focus on the Basics

    • Sydney Trullinger and Alivia Darbe—Red Ribbon
    • Cameron McCarthy and Ryleigh Strattion—Red Ribbon
    • Lauren King and Taylor Barth—White Ribbon

2022 TSA State Conference Results

  • April 4, 2022 - Congratulations to the following Technology Student Association (TSA) members on their results from last week’s TSA State Conference in Salina!

    From Olathe East:

    Computer Aided Design (CAD), Architecture

    • State Champ and National Qualifier: Grace Neperud
    • 2nd Place and National Qualifier: Isaac Smith
    • 3rd Place: Carter Salacz Plantz
    • 5th Place: Skylar Arlotti

    Architectural Design (Team Event)

    • 3rd Place and National Qualifiers: Hazel Dawbarn, Nikita Hanov, Isaac Smith

    Fashion Design and Technology (Team Event)

    • 3rd Place and National Qualifiers: Emerson Burgett, Hazel Dawbarn, Eleanor Newman

    Promotional Design

    • 5th Place: Sara Macoubrie


    From Olathe North

    Future Engineering/Technology Teacher

    • 1st Place: Aarushi Pore

    Extemporaneous Speech

    • 2nd Place: Aarushi Pore

    Technology Bowl

    • 2nd Place: Aarushi Poer, Anshika Kapoor, Arya Vilandai

    Debating Technological Issues

    • 3rd Place: Aarushi Pore, Anshika Kapoor

    Children's Stories

    • 5th Place: Anshika Kapoor, Arya Vilandai

DECA Students Compete at State

  • March 21, 2022 - DECA is an organization dedicated to preparing students to be leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. Chapters in high schools and colleges around the world offer students the opportunity to participate in conferences, challenges, and business partnerships and to earn recognition, awards and scholarships.

    Each of the 5 Olathe high schools has a DECA chapter. The students in these chapters recently had the opportunity to compete in the state-level DECA competition with the chance to continue on to compete at the Nationals. Held over zoom, they gave prepared presentations in their interest area that were critiqued and ranked. Students who qualify for Nationals in both Project and Role Playing under the same category will pick one of the two to compete in. The national competition will be in Atlanta on April 22-26. 

    Olathe South DECA students who qualified for Nationals:

    • Salma Bravo-Ruiz, Top Ten in Automotive Services Marketing Project
    • Salma Bravo-Ruiz, Finalist in Automotive Services Marketing Role Play
    • Salma Bravo-Ruiz & Nicole Patrao, Top State Qualifier in Integrated Marketing Campaign
    • Abbie Clements, Top State Qualifier in Food Marketing Services
    • Connor Devlin, Top State Qualifier in Financial Consulting
    • Morgan Gawlak & Raneem Hassan, 4th Place in International Business Plan
    • Yasmen Hassan & Maggie Ridgway State Champion in Community Awareness Project  
    • Abby Hinrichsen, State Champion in Startup Business Plan
    • Alex Howell, Top State Qualifier in Business Finance Project
    • Alex Howell, Finalist in Business Finance Role Play
    • Tej Maheshwari, State Champion in Entrepreneurship Project  
    • Tej Maheshwari, Finalist, Entrepreneurship Role Play  
    • Tej Maheshwari, State Champion in Entrepreneurship Exam
    • Tej Maheshwari,  State Runner-Up/Top State Qualifier in Innovation Plan
    • Jason Miller, 4th Place in Automotive Services Marketing Project
    • Jason Miller, Finalist in Automotive Services Marketing Role Play
    • Jason Miller & Evan Reif, Simon Woodbury, Top Ten in Innovation Plan
    • Parker O’Dell, Top Ten Finisher in Sports Entertainment Marketing Project
    • Parker O’Dell, Finalist in Sports Entertainment Marketing Role Play
    • Evan Reif, 2nd Place in Entrepreneurship Exam Testing
    • Evan Reif & Simon Woodbury, 3rd Place in Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making
    • Maggie Ridgway, 4th place in Marketing Communication Services Project
    • Maggie Ridgway, Finalist in Marketing Communication Services Role Play
    • Nicole Patrao, State Champion in Food Marketing Services Project  
    • Nicole Patrao, Finalist in Food Marketing Services Role Play
    • Kayla Schilly, State Runner-Up in Quick Ser. Rest. Marketing Project  
    • Kayla Schilly, Qualifier in Quick Ser. Rest. Marketing Role Play
    • Kayla Schilly & Abbie Clements, 4th in Start Up Business Plan Project
    • Kayla Schilly & Abbie Clements, Finalist in Start Up Business Plan Role Play
    • Ryan Shaw, Top State Qualifier in Financial Consulting 
    • Hayden Toubia & Jake Biegler, State Runner-Up/Top State Qualifier in Start-Up Business Project
    • Hayden Toubia & Jake Biegler, Top Ten Finisher in Start-Up Business Plan Project
    • Hayden Toubia & Jake Biegler, Finalist in Sports and Entertainment Marketing Role Play

    Olathe West DECA results :

    • Tayton Roberts, 3rd in Marketing – Qualified for Nationals
    • Alex Stone, 6th in Business Finance – Qualified for Nationals
    • Gabby Clinkinbeard and Haley Neu, 8th in Buying and Merchandising = Qualified for Nationals
    • Trenton Rogers, 8th in Personal Finance

Video Production Contest Winners

  • March 11, 2022 – Olathe’s Video Production students recently had the opportunity to enter their work in local and state competitions. Below are the competitions and the students who placed in each one.

    Kansas Scholastic Press Association (KSPA) Regionals:

    • 1st place, Video News: Giovanni De La Isla, Brennan Stelting and Phillip Dudziak, Olathe South 
    • 2nd place, Video News: Conner Huggins, Annalyse Yoder, Grant Watson and Joey Tyler, Olathe South
    • 1st place, Video PSA: Jack Cannell, Michael Hermon and Austin Allen, Olathe South 
    • 2nd place, Video PSA: Dalen Dellapenna, Daxen Steinbacher, Matthew Rice and Ben Eddings, Olathe South
    • 3rd place, Video Sports: William Goranflo, Josh Cerra and Michael Stankiewicz, Olathe South
    • 4th place, Video Sports: Ashton McCombs, Hunter Procter and Kevin Wong, Olathe South
    • 1st place, Video Sports Promo: Tyler Walker, Olathe West 

    Kansas Association of Broadcasters (KAB) State:

    • 1st place in PSA: Jack Cannell, Austin Allen and Michael Hermon, Olathe South
    • Honorable Mention in Hard News Package: Giovanni De La Isla, Brennan Stelting, Phillip Dudziak, Olathe South
    • Honorable Mention in Documentary: Michael Hermon and Cora Smalley, Olathe South
    • Honorable Mention in 60 Second or less Commercial/PSA: Tyler Walker, Olathe West

    Olathe MLK Jr. Competition:

    • 1st place & Best in Show: Austin Allen, Olathe South
    • 2nd place: Kate Marshall, Olathe South
    • 3rd place: Kellan Harris, Garrett Howard and Julia Fales, Olathe Northwest

Teaching & Training Students Going to Nationals

  • March 11, 2022 - 8 Olathe East students competed at the Educators Rising State Conference at Ottawa University and all qualified to go to Nationals in at least one event. 

    Congratulations to the following:

    • Claire Heigel (10th) and Payten Mayfield (11th) - 1st Place for Interactive Bulletin Board 
    • Annabelle Konen (11th) – 1st Place for Exploring Admin Careers
    • Cherilyn Hernandez-Vara (11th) and Hannah Connely (11th) – 1st Place for Ethical Dilemma
    • Katelyn Eastman (11th), Annabelle Konen (11th) Brooke Wetterstrom (12th), and Clarissa Worley (12th) – 1st Place for Inside Our Schools
    • Clarissa Worley (12th) - 1st Place, for Lesson Planning and Design, CTE 
    • Cherilyn Hernandez-Vara (11th) - 3rd Place, for Ed Rising Moment


    Group picture of Olathe East Future Educators at Educators Rising conference.

Graphic Design Competition Winners

  • March 11, 2022 – Olathe Northwest Graphic Design students competed in the Kansas Scholastic Press Association (KSPA) regional competition in February. Each student qualified to compete at State this spring.

    • 1st Place Editorial Cartoon, e-Comm: Oliviah Hall
    • 2nd Place Advertising Design, e-Comm: Bao Le
    • 3rd Place Advertising Design, e-Comm/yearbook: Kate Klein
    • 4th Place Infographic Design, e-Comm/yearbook: Kate Klein
    • 5th Place Editorial News Writing, yearbook: Ella Wiley

TSA Advisor of the Year

  • August 20, 2021 - Michael Wagner, Olathe North Industrial Technology teacher, has been awarded the 2020 – 2021 Kansas TSA High School Advisor of the Year. TSA (Technology Student Association) is a career and technical student organization open to middle and high school students engaged in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Dennis O’Connell, Pioneer Trail Industrial Technology teacher was awarded the 2019 – 2020 Kansas Middle School Advisor of the Year.

    Read about the National Technology Student Association

Stock Pitch Challenge Winners

  • May 3, 2021 ~ Olathe South Business Finance Academy juniors recently competed in the Kansas State University Stock Pitch Challenge.  The team of Salma Bravo-Ruiz, Yasmen Hassen, Rachael Seibold, Sydnei Williams, and Kiera Rader won 1st place. Each student won a $1,000 scholarship and were invited to a special day on the K-State campus for an awards ceremony. The campus visit includes the scholarship awarding with representatives from the Department of Finance Center for Principled Business, a private tour of the K-State College of Business building, and lunch with some of the esteemed faculty and staff. However; due to COVID, students will not be able to attend the campus visit and awards ceremony. This is the second year in a row that a group of Business Finance Academy juniors have won 1st place in the Stock Pitch competition.  Congratulations Olathe South Juniors!

    More information about the K-State Stock Pitch challenge can be seen on their website.

    Visit our website for more information about the Business Finance Academy.