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12-8-16 — Many Ways for Parents to Learn of School Cancellations

Dec. 8, 2016 ~ The winter weather season is here, so parents are encouraged to stay connected with the district in several ways to learn of school cancellations.

When the chance for severe or inclement weather looms, we will only post the cancellation of school, athletic events and other activities. We will not post when school, athletic events and activities are proceeding as scheduled.

If school is canceled due to snow or bad weather, the information will be available in these ways:

  • Blackboard notification to parents and staff via text and email information on file
  • Local television and radio stations
  • District website —
  • Facebook — go to "Olathe District Schools"
  • Twitter — look for "Olathe Schools"
  • Channel 18 (Comcast and Time Warner)
  • By calling the district information line, 913-780-8000

The new Blackboard notification system replaces the previous Olathe Alert and City Watch systems because of streamlined capabilities to send messages within minutes versus hours. Any parent who is in the district's system, and who has included a cell phone number, will receive a text message in case of the cancellation of school. If there has been a change in a parent's phone number or email address since enrollment, please notify the child's school.

No Early Dismissal

If school is in session when deteriorating weather conditions are present, regular dismissal time will be observed rather than dismissing students early from school. District administrators are mindful of safety issues such as transportation, particularly for those students who normally ride the bus or are driven to and from school; lack of supervision at home because of an unscheduled dismissal; and the uncertainty of sending children away from a protected school environment and out into hazardous weather conditions.

Facility Usage/Building Rental

If school is canceled for the entire day, all facility usage/building rentals will also be canceled.

If school has been in session all day but evening district activities are canceled, facility usage/building rentals will also be canceled.

Athletics and Activities

The final decision about whether to cancel school activities will be made at the district level. Administrators understand the importance of these activities, but the safety of students is always of greater importance.

If school has been canceled for the entire day:

  • All middle school and elementary school activities (practices, games, and other activities) will be canceled.
  • With district-level approval, high school activities may be allowed to take place. This includes practices, contests and travel to events outside the city.
  • Updates on the status of scheduled events will be communicated by building administrators, coaches/sponsors when final decisions have been made.