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9-22-23 — Indian Creek Third Grader Hopes to Become President One Day

Sept. 22, 2023 ~ If you walk into Caroline Ivison’s third grade classroom at Indian Creek Elementary School, you may spot a bright young student, filled with energy, dressed in a full suit and perhaps speaking in front of the class. That student is Sekou Traore, who hopes to become president of the United States one day.

Sekou stands in school lobbyTraore loves being at school and loves being a leader in the classroom. When asked why he looks to become president when he grows up, his answer was simple and selfless.

“I want to make it equal for everybody,” Traore said. “And I want to make good laws for the people.”

According to Principal Dr. Julie Sluyter, Traore stands out as a leader in the classroom not just with his ability as a student but with his attitude as well.

“Sekou is a great student,” Dr. Sluyter said. “He has lots of personality and is a great leader in his classroom.”

Traore looks up to his mom and dad as his role models. Even when he’s out of school, he loves to learn. Traore said his favorite things about school are talking to the class and doing homework. His favorite subject is reading. When asked what he loves to do when he’s not doing school-related things, his answer was quick.

“Go to the pirate ship park (also known as Frontier Park),” Traore said with a smile.

While there is still a lot of grade school left for him, Traore said he wants to go to college in the future. After that, he is hoping to find a path to Washington, D.C. If his classmates see him in the White House decades from now, he promised one thing.

“I would look really, really cool,” Traore said.