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6-30-22 — Olathe Public Schools to Implement CrisisAlert for All Staff

June 30, 2022 ~ All staff members in the Olathe Public Schools can now call for help with the push of a button on their badge with CrisisAlert, a safety solution by CENTEGIX, a company that creates safer spaces by innovating to empower and protect people. 

“The safety of our students and staff is our top priority and we believe this will add to the variety of tools that we use on a daily basis,” Director of Safety Services Brent Kiger said. “We believe that this simple tool can have a huge impact on our educators’ and our students’ physical and mental health. Regardless of what is happening and wherever they are, we can respond quickly.”

The CrisisAlert platform is an incident alerting solution that empowers teachers and staff to call for help with the push of a button on a badge they will wear in addition to their ID badge they wear daily. This simple push of a button provides school/district administration, school resource officers, and other first responders with precise location information of the impacted staff member, enabling them to respond quickly in any situation. With the CrisisAlert badge, staff members will be able to alert administration for everyday student and staff events such as medical emergencies or in a crisis situation, staff would be able to initiate campus-wide lockdowns at the touch of a button.

“We know that building trusted relationships with our students is the best way for our educators to create a safe space for students to learn,” Superintendent Dr. Brent Yeager said. “However, we also recognize that emergency situations can occur at any moment, and it is best to have resources in place to support our students and staff in times of crisis. Our goal is to give our educators peace of mind that they can call for help at anytime, anywhere on school grounds, and they will be heard.”

Staff members can use the badge to alert campus administration and building responders if they are in need of assistance. The badge provides 100% campus coverage without depending on Wi-Fi, cellular signal, or opening an app on the phone. Staff members can also utilize the badge to activate an emergency lockdown, which triggers audio and visual notifications. Strobe lights flash and beep in every room and hallway, and instructional messages are displayed on computers connected to the network. The intercom plays a message with instructions corresponding to the alert type.  

“We trust our educators have the best interests of our students in mind,” Kiger said. “If they feel they are in danger, we want them to be able to alert our building responders and go into lockdown with a click of a button.”  

Training for all staff members will take place before school begins on August 12, 2022, with the goal of all staff members receiving their badges by the end of September. Thanks to the passage of the 2022 bond by the community, Olathe Public Schools is able to implement this program districtwide.