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11-20-19 — Step Up Inspires Possibilities

Nov. 20, 2019 ~ Life circumstances can sometimes impede a student’s ability to complete the Kansas State Department of Education requirements for graduation with their cohorts. As it’s never too late to achieve education goals, regardless of circumstance or age, Olathe Public Schools can help adults receive their high school diplomas.

Step Up is the adult diploma program of the Olathe School District. Adult Kansas residents without high school diplomas may enroll in this high school completion program at no cost.

Kansas residents may enroll in Step Up if they are over age 18 and their high school classes have already graduated. Kansans with a GED certificate are also welcome.

Step Up is a self-paced online program that is flexible for students with families and jobs. Students may complete classes in a teacher-supported computer lab or they may work off-site in independent study.

Each year, 130 individuals sign up during fall enrollment with another 130 enrolling during the school year.

The program is fully-aligned with Kansas curriculum standards. It is designed to prepare students for post-secondary education or for direct job placement/advancement.

Each May, students who complete their required credits are invited to participate in Step Up’s full graduation ceremony. In 2020, close to 50 individuals are expected to graduate upon completion of their requirements.

“Step Up classes are designed for a student to complete in about a month,” Step Up adult education teacher Russ Munyan said. “Each class is worth half of an academic credit. Completion can be done quickly if a student can stay focused and make time for coursework.”

There are many success stories of adults who have enrolled in Step Up to complete their diploma. A recent 66-year-old graduate earned her diploma and her family and grandchildren attended the graduation ceremony.

To learn more or enroll, visit the Step Up webpage, contact Step Up program administrators by phone 913-780-7880 or send an email to The computer lab is located at the Mill Creek Campus, 300 E. Loula Street, in downtown Olathe, Kansas.