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12-20-17 — December Means Holiday Music Tours

Dec. 20, 2017 ~ Holiday tunes, festive winter-themed caps and young, smiling faces were everywhere in the district’s Education Center during December. The administrative offices are a popular stop on many elementary schools’ holiday music tour and this year was no exception.

Seven elementary choirs visited the Education Center this winter as they spread good cheer throughout the area. Many schools also visited nursing homes, area restaurants, grocery stores and other district buildings on their day-long tour.

Decked out in their special chorus T-shirts and sporting Santa hats or reindeer antlers, the students sang a variety of songs. The groups ranged from about 40 singers to as many as 160. They included the Celebration Choir from Clearwater Creek Elementary School, Woodland Elementary’s Singing Wolfpack, Manchester Park Elementary’s Timbernote Singers, the AstroNOTES from Walnut Grove Elementary, Briarwood Elementary’s Special Chorus, the Cardinal Chorale from Countryside Elementary, and the Blue Jay Singers from Bentwood Elementary.

The Prairie Trail Middle School Jazz Band performed some holiday tunes for the Education Center’s holiday luncheon.