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10-14-22 — North Student Speaks at Conference During Hispanic Heritage Month

Oct. 14, 2022 ~ During Hispanic Heritage Month, Olathe North High School senior Daniela Estefes-Santos was a student speaker at The Evolución Conference hosted by Latinx Education Collaborative.

“I was asked to be a student speaker to answer that question of why Latinx representation matters and share my story,” Estefes-Santos said. “The whole day was filled with speakers who were passionate about Latinx representation and were passionate about providing better education for their students.”

Daniela speaks at presentationEstefes-Santos is a believer that when you see people who look like yourself, have been through similar experiences and have similar backgrounds, it can provide a sense of belonging.

“Hispanic Heritage month means taking a specific time — not the only time — but a specific time where you look over the accomplishments of Hispanics and how far we’ve advanced,” she said. “Latinx representation offers younger generations a hope that they can achieve whatever they want to and celebrates the fact that they are part of the Latinx community.”

Saying Dr. Marta Silva, Olathe North High School Spanish as Heritage Language teacher, is proud of Estefes-Santos is an understatement.

“This girl fills my heart. Her Spanglish, her self-confidence, her passion, and her activism give me HOPE for our future,” Dr. Silva said.
Estefes-Santos had a few recommendations on how to best celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

“Get educated by learning the stories of the people around you. Take the time to appreciate Hispanic workers and faculty members around us. Also, take the time to talk to our Hispanic-based clubs and reach out to them, see if there’s something they need help with,” she said. “Celebrating this month in our communities helps keep in mind how much Hispanics do in our communities and how important we are to our society.”

(Photo: During Hispanic Heritage month, Olathe North High School senior Daniela Estefes-Santos was a student speaker at the Evolución Conference hosted by Latinx Education Collaborative.)