Parents as Teachers Playgroups

  • Playgroups are for children from birth through 3 years old


    Our playgroups are offered on Tues, Wed, and Thursdays at the Mill Creek Campus. Please check our PAT calendar for dates and times of all playgroups.

    Playgroup does not start until the listed time. If you arrive early, we will ask you to wait in the lobby area at Mill Creek. Sometimes our parent educators are using the room right before playgroup so we cannot let you in earlier than 9:30 a.m.

    For health and sanitary reasons, shoes are REQUIRED for all parents AND children at our playgroups. If you or your child are not wearing shoes, you may not attend playgroups.

    Lastly, we are very aware of the parking situation at Mill Creek. This is a high school, and many meetings are held in this building, so we have no control over who is in the building for the day and parking is often an issue. You may park in any open spaces, even those with numbers on them. if there is an open space, you may park in it. You can also park off street.  

    Thank you so much for helping us keep our playgroups manageable, safe, and fun for everyone!!


    Success By 6

    The playgroups at Mill Creek Campus are funded by a generous donation from BMO Bank through the United Way Success By 6 project. This grant has allowed Parents as Teachers to remodel the playroom and purchase toys and books that can be checked out by parents enrolled in Olathe Parents as Teachers and living within the Olathe School District boundaries.

    During these playgroups (and all playgroups), parents and children are introduced to toys and books through parent-child interaction. This is to enhance the “play experience” during playgroup and give parents a chance to ask questions of parent educators. Parents knowing the rationale behind each carefully chosen toy is meant to enhance parent involvement in the development and learning of their child. When parents intentionally support the learning of their child, the child’s skills and knowledge are enriched.

    Playgroup Guidelines

    In order for all parents and children to enjoy playgroup, we ask that you help us by honoring the following guidelines.

    • Please consider attending playgroup once a week.
    • Sign in at playgroup and make yourself and your child(ren) a nametag.
    • Please wear socks or shoes (both parent and child).
    • Please keep your phones on vibrate and stored with your belongings (diaper bag, backpack, etc.).
    • NO FOOD or DRINK is allowed at playgroups, for the health and safety of all children and parents. Formula for infants is allowed.
    • Playgroups are for children in good health. Please do not bring children who have a fever of 100° or higher in the last 24 hours, or those with a contagious rash, communicable disease, diarrhea, or a thick, runny nose, etc.
    • Place toys that have been mouthed in the tub marked “Chewed Toys.”
    • Return toys to appropriate locations at the end of playgroup.
    • A maximum of one book and one toy may be checked out by Olathe Parents as Teachers families for two weeks. Please return the book and/or toy to Mill Creek Campus. Remember to keep the book and toy in the green PAT bag.
    • We do not check immunizations of children and adults at playgroup. Concerns about contagious diseases are the responsibility of those attending the session.
    • Remember that YOU are responsible for your child(ren) while at playgroup. Playgroup is a time for you to interact/play with your child(ren). Observe and encourage while you play together.