Transportation for 21st Century Academies and Mill Creek Campus

  • Students attending a 21st Century Academy within their home school of residence should register for transportation based upon the mileage from their home to school. Please select the appropriate category, either “PAYRIDE Service for Students Living LESS than 2.5 Miles” or “Free Service for Students Living 2.5 Miles or More”, located within the “Registration Information” tab to register for transportation.

    Students attending a 21st Century Academy outside their home school of residence receive free transportation. Please complete the fields below and click Submit.

    Registration is required annually. Registrations received after July 15 will not be guaranteed and will be processed on a first-come, first-serve, space-available basis beginning on Sept. 3. Routes are built around those who have registered during the open registration period, March 15 to July 15. Bus stops will be centrally located within neighborhoods.

    You will see a confirmation message on this screen upon successful registration.

    Please feel free to contact First Student at 913-782-1050 if you need assistance or to obtain mileage information.