Abbreviations and Terms

  • Educators, like other professionals, use abbreviations and terms in their daily conversations to quickly communicate programs and services. While useful to those who know what the abbreviations or terms stand for, they may be confusing to others who do not understand their meaning.

    Abbreviations and educational terms should used sparingly or explained when communicating with parents or community patrons.


Term Definition
IC Indian Creek Elementary School, 15800 W. Indian Creek Pkwy., Olathe KS 66062 (913) 780-7510
IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (PL94-142) outlines special education law and regulations. Contact: Special Services
IEP Individualized Education Program is an annual written statement for each exceptional child that describes the child's unique educational needs and how these needs are to be met. The IEP is developed by a team including educators and parents. Contact: Special Services
IRT Instructional Resource Teachers (K-12 and special education) facilitate the district New Educator Induction Program and work closely with new educators to promote effective instruction and district curriculum/school improvement implementation. IRTs support the technology used in the classroom, curriculum implementation, and the district and building school improvement process. Contact: Teaching & Learning
ISS In School Suspension is the interruption of classroom attendance and regular school participation for a period of time. A designated, supervised, academically conducive but restrictive atmosphere will be substituted. Contact: Student Services
IST Intervention Support Teacher(s) are special education teachers who support students with various disabilities at the home schools. Contact: Special Services
IT Indian Trail Middle School, 1440 E. 151st St., Olathe KS 66062, (913) 780-7230
ITS Infant Toddler Services of Johnson County serves children up to age 3. Concerns and questions can be addressed to its main office, (913) 432-2900. Contact: Special Services/Early Childhood


Term Definition
KASB Kansas Association of School Boards
KBOR Kansas Board of Regents is a nine-member body which governs, supervises and coordinates state education institutions. The following state universities are Regents institutions: Emporia State University, Fort Hays State University, Kansas State University, Pittsburg State University, University of Kansas and Wichita State University.
KSDE Kansas State Department of Education generally supervises public education and other educational entities in the state.
KSHSAA Kansas State High School Activities Association advocates principals and sponsors services which assures that the state's middle level and highs school students gain a balanced preparation for life, work, and post-secondary education. KSHSAA is the association that provides statewide regulations, supervision, promotions and development for high school interscholastic activities and athletics. Contact: Student Services


Term Definition
LD (Specific) Learning Disability is a disorder in one or more of the basic psychological processes involved in understanding or in using language, spoken or written. The disorder may manifest itself in having difficulties listening, speaking, reading, writing, spelling or doing mathematical calculations. The term includes such conditions as perceptual disabilities, brain injury, minimal brain dysfunction, dyslexia, and developmental aphasia. Contact: Special Services
LEA Local Education Agency is the local unified school district. Contact: General Administration
Lexile This is a measure that indicates a range of ability levels, based on vocabulary and sentence complexity, for both readers and texts. Using this measure, teachers may successfully match student readers to appropriately challenging texts. Contact: Teaching & Learning/Language Arts
Life Skills A Special Services program serving students with autism, mental retardation, and other developmental disabilities with a focus on the teaching of functional life skills. Contact: Special Services
LMS Library Media Specialist is a more accurate term for a school librarian. Contact: Teaching & Learning
LRE Least Restrictive Environment is the placement of exceptional children in educational programs with non-exceptional children, to the maximum extent appropriate. The placement is 1) determined annually, 2) based upon a student's Individualized Education Program (IEP), and 3) as close as possible to the child's home. Contact: Special Services


Term Definition
MA Mahaffie Elementary School, 1300 N. Nelson Rd., Olathe KS 66061, (913) 780-7530
MB Millbrooke Elementary School, 11751 S. Sunnybrooke Blvd., Olathe KS 66061, (913) 780-7560
MD Madison Place Elementary School, 16651 Warwick, Olathe KS 66062, (913) 780-7520
ML Meadow Lane Elementary School, 21880 College Blvd., Olathe KS 66061, (913) 780-7550
MP Manchester Park Elementary School, 9810 Prairie Creek Rd., Lenexa KS 66220, (913) 780-7540
MT Mission Trail Middle School, 1001 N. Persimmon Dr., Olathe KS 66061, (913) 780-7260
MTSS Multi-Tier Systems of Support (also called RTi- Response to Intervention) is a Kansas State Department of Education term referring to a systemic approach to helping all students learn. MTSS is a continuum of increasingly intense research-based interventions provided to students that respond to their academic and/or behavioral needs. It includes ongoing monitoring of the effectiveness of the interventions provided. Contact: Teaching & Learning


Term Definition
National Board Certification A certificate awarded by the NBPTS (National Board for Professional Teaching Standards) validating that a teacher meets the National Board standards for professional teaching excellence. Contact: Teaching & Learning or Human Resources.
NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association is a voluntary organization through which the nation's colleges and universities govern their athletic programs. Graduating high school students who seek to participate in athletic program at an NCAA institution must meet scholastic eligibility requirements. Contact: Student Services
NCLB No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act) was signed by President George W. Bush in an effort to improve student achievement nationwide. It is based on four points: accountability for results, doing what works based on scientific research, more choices for parents, and more flexibility for states and communities. Contact: Assessment and School Improvement
NSBA National School Boards Association
NV Northview Elementary School, 900 N. Woodland Road, Olathe KS 66061, (913) 780-7570


Term Definition
OE Olathe East High School, 14545 W. 127th St., Olathe KS 66062, (913) 780-7120
OHI Other Health Impaired is a special education category referring to limitations of strength, vitality or alertness that interfere with participation in educational experiences. Contact: Special Services
ON Olathe North High School, 600 E. Prairie, Olathe KS 66061, (913) 780-7140
ONW Olathe Northwest High School, 21300 College Blvd., Olathe KS 66061, (913) 780-7150
OPSF Olathe Public Schools Foundation is a non-profit, charitable fund supported by private individuals, businesses and other organizations that seek to provide resources beyond tax funds to stimulate excellence in the Olathe Public Schools. The foundation offers special programs and funds to enhance the learning environment, increase the effectiveness of instruction including co-curricular activities, and to help strengthen and broaden ties between the schools and community.
OS Olathe South High School, 1640 E. 151st St., Olathe KS 66062, (913) 780-7160
OSS Out of School Suspension is the interruption of school attendance by official directive from the chief building administrator or the designated representative for a period of time not to exceed 10 school days. Students may not participate in extra-curricular activities or be on school district property during suspension. Contact: Student Services
OSSSC Olathe Special Services Site Council is a group of staff and parents of special needs students who work to support parents of students receiving or requesting special education services, to provide training for parents to enhance their ability to fully participate in the IEP team, to foster positive relationships, to provide advice to the district in the continuous improvement process, and to act as a sounding board for legislative issues that pertain to special education.
OT Oregon Trail Middle School, 1800 W. Dennis Ave., Olathe KS 66061, (913) 780-7250
OT Occupational Therapy is a service that provides for the remediation, restoration or compensation of functions lost through illness or disability injury. Services may focus on early intervention and programming to prevent advancement of additional disability and address overall improvement in the ability to perform tasks that would lead to independent functioning. Adaptations or modification of materials and/or equipment may be necessary to give increased independence to a student.
OTL Opportunity to Learn is an opportunity for students who do not meet the assessment standard (proficient) to retake the Kansas Reading and Kansas Math assessment during different semesters. Contact: Assessment and School Improvement
OW Olathe West High School, 2200 W. Santa Fe Street, Olathe KS 66061, (913) 780-7180


Term Definition
PAT Parents as Teachers is an early childhood program designed to teach parents about the development of children from birth to 36 months. Contact: Parents as Teachers
PBIS Positive BehavioralIntervention Supports is a research-based approach to provide a schoolwide system of support to create a safe, positive learning environment for all students.
PC Prairie Center Elementary School, 629 N. Persimmon, Olathe KS 66061, (913) 780-7610
PI Physical Impairment is a physical disability severe enough to affect educational performance. Contact: Special Services
PLC Professional Learning Community is a collaborative team focused on student learning, results-based decision making, and instructional strategies and interventions to meet common goals and curriculum standards, benchmarks, indicators. Contact: Teaching & Learning
PLC Prairie Learning Center is a day treatment program in an alternate school setting serving students with significant behavioral/emotional challenges. Located at 10975 Lone Elm Rd., Olathe KS 66061, (913) 780-7014. Contact: Special Services
PR Pleasant Ridge Elementary School, 12235 Rosehill Rd., Overland Park KS 66213, (913) 897-7595
PRT Prairie Trail Middle School, 21600 W. 107th St., Olathe KS 66061, (913) 780-7280
PSAT Preliminary Scholastic Achievement Test is a qualifying exam for the National Merit Scholar program. Contact: School Counselors
PT Pioneer Trail Middle School, 15100 W. 127th St., Olathe KS 66062, (913) 780-7270
PT Physical Therapy provides assistance to children whose physical disability, motor deficit, and / or developmental delays interfere with learning and physical management of the school environment. Training may include development of motor skills, ambulation and gait training, postural awareness, use of wheelchair, braces or other assistive devices. Adaptation or modification of equipment may be needed to increase independence. Contact: Special Services
PTA / PTC / PTO Parent Teacher Association / Parent Teacher Club / Parent Teacher Organization are organized to promote the welfare of students, to work toward better communication and greater understanding between school and home, and to further the growth of cooperation between parent and teacher in the education of children. Contact: Building Administrators


Term Definition
QPA Quality Performance Accreditation began in March 1991 when the Legislature replaced its former accreditation process. The QPA process is designed to address school improvement, accountability, and individual student performance at the building level. The process requires a school district to implement an improvement process. The district's School Improvement Process meets local needs and fulfills state responsibilities related to accreditation. Contact: Assessment and School Improvement
QRI Qualitative Reading Inventory II is an informal reading inventory used to assess word accuracy and reading comprehension. Contact: Teaching & Learning/Language Arts
QUEST Questioning, Understanding, Expanding, Synthesizing, Thinking is the name of Olathe's program for academically gifted students. Contact: Special Services
Quick Step An educational opportunity for high school students to attend Johnson County Community College. Contact: High School Counselors


Term Definition
READ 180 A reading intervention program for middle school and high school students who need reading support. The program utilizes rotations involving technology, independent reading/listening, and small focused direct instruction by a trained instructor. Contact: Teaching & Learning/Language Arts
RP Regency Place Elementary School, 13250 S. Greenwood, Olathe KS 66062, (913) 780-7620
RR Rolling Ridge Elementary School, 1500 W. Elm Terr., Olathe KS 66061, (913) 780-7650
RV Ridgeview Elementary School, 1201 E. Elm St., Olathe KS 66061, (913) 780-7630
RW Ravenwood Elementary School, 12211 S. Clinton, Olathe KS 66061, (913) 780-7640


Term Definition
S.A.I.L. Summer Adventures in Learning is the elementary summer learning program. The program is designed to enrich the learning of all students. Sessions feature a wide range of integrated learning opportunities in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Contact: Assessment and School Improvement
SASH Students Achieving Social Harmony is a student activity at the secondary level. Contact: Building Administrator
SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test is a program of the College Board. It consists of the test of standard written English, the student descriptive questionnaire and the achievement tests. High schools use the reports to help students plan for college. The SAT provides a verbal, math and composite score. Typically East and West Coast post-secondary schools require the SAT for admission. Contact: School Counselor
SC Scarborough Elementary School, 2000 S. Lindenwood Dr., Olathe KS 66062, (913) 780-7670
School Site Council A group of parents, teachers, and administrators working together to provide advice and counsel in evaluating state, school district, and school performance goals and objectives; and, in determining the methods used at the school to meet goals and objectives. Contact: Principals
SDC Staff Development Council is a representative body of certified staff that coordinates, supports and communicates the Professional Development Program. Contact: Teaching & Learning
Section 504 Part of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 that guarantees specific rights in federally funded programs and activities to people who qualify as disabled. It states: "No otherwise qualified handicapped individual . . . shall, solely by reason of his handicap be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal financial assistance." Contact: Special Services
SFT Santa Fe Trail Middle School, 1100 N. Ridgeview, Olathe KS 66061, (913) 780-7290
SIP School Improvement Process is used to promote the concept of achieving excellence through continuous improvement. The process involves three aspects: developing and articulating a shared vision of excellence; determining how the school is doing; and developing and monitoring a School Improvement Plan which includes goals and strategies for improvement. Contact: Building Administrators or Assessment Department.
SIT Student Improvement Teams: 1) provide immediate attention and intervention to educational concerns, 2) provide staff with a model of problem-solving for addressing concerns, 3) allow for systematic data collection to substantiate need for, and response to, interventions, and 4) target specific areas of educational need and matches those needs to appropriate intervention(s). The process is aligned with both federal and state regulations.
SL Speech Language services are provided to students in need of improving communication skills to impact classroom success. Contact: Special Services
SMART Goals An acronym that describes goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable (or achievable), Results oriented, and Time-bound. Contact: Teaching & Learning
Smart Technology A term used by the district to describe rooms which contain a LCD projector, computer, wireless keyboard and mouse, DVD/VCR, and either an iWrite device or Mimeo. Contact: Instructional Technology
SRI Scholastic Reading Inventory is a computerized reading assessment used to determine a student's reading level (Lexile score) and to monitor reading growth over time. It is available in middle schools and high schools and through the Read 180 program. Contact: Teaching & Learning/Language Arts
SRO School Resource Officers are law enforcement officers present in the schools to provide information and intervention to students and their families. Contact: School Resource Officer
SS Sunnyside Elementary School, 16025 S. Lindenwood Dr., Olathe KS 66062, (913) 780-7680
SSS Seniors Serving Schools is a volunteer program which brings older adults with a lifetime of learning and experience into the schools. The program is supported by the Retired Senior Volunteer Program of Johnson County and the school district. Contact: Safe and Drug-Free Schools
ST Summit Trail Middle School, 22201 W. 118th Street, Olathe KS 66061, (913) 780-7200


Term Definition
21st Century Academies Center-based programs organized around career themes that are offered at each high school. Within the 21st Century Academies there are three different types: transfer, enhancement, and site specific. Contact: Counselors
T & L The Teaching and Learning Department is responsible for leadership related to general and special education, curriculum development, instructional materials selection, assessment, and professional growth, as well as providing assistance to schools at all levels. Contact: Teaching & Learning
TBI Traumatic Brain Injury is an injury to the brain caused by external physical force, resulting in a total or partial functional disability or psycho-social maladjustment that adversely affects educational performance. This includes open or closed-head injuries resulting in a range of impairment. Contact: Special Services
TH Tomahawk Elementary School, 13820 S. Brougham Dr., Olathe KS 66062, (913) 780-7690
Title I A federally funded program for schools in the United States. The Olathe Title I program receives money from the government to provide supplemental instruction in reading and math. Schools qualify for this funding based on the percentage of students on free and reduced lunches. Contact: Teaching & Learning
Title II Federal funds are for the purpose of "preparing, training and recruiting high quality teachers and principals." This legislation was also designed to hold schools accountable for improving students' academic performance. Contact: Teaching & Learning
Title III Federal grants are for English Language Acquisition programs for non-English speaking students. Contact: Teaching & Learning/ELL
Title IV Federal program supports efforts to create safe schools, respond to crises, prevent drug and alcohol abuse, ensure the health and well being of students, and teach students good citizenship and character. Contact: Safe and Drug-Free Schools
Title IX Prohibits gender discrimination in federally funded educational programs and activities. Contact: Student Services


Term Definition
VI Visual Impairment is the limited vision that interferes with educational or developmental progress. "Partially seeing" means a visual limitation which constitutes an educational disability but does not prevent the use of print as the primary educational medium. "Blind" means a visual limitation that requires dependence on tactile and auditory media or learning. Contact: Special Services


Term Definition
WA Washington Elementary School, 1202 N. Ridgeview, Olathe KS 66061, (913) 780-7730
WG Walnut Grove Elementary School, 11800 S. Pflumm Rd., Olathe KS 66062, (913) 780-7710
WL Woodland Elementary School, 11601 S. Woodland Rd., Olathe KS 66061, (913) 780-7770
WV Westview Elementary School, 601 Lee, Olathe KS 66061, (913) 780-7750


Term Definition
YM Youth Mentors is a school-based mentoring program that connects young people with caring adults in weekly meetings. Contact: Community Development.