Rules for Public Comment at Board Meetings

  • Patrons may submit requests to address the board in a limited public forum during the board's regular meetings beginning at midnight (12:00 a.m.) on the Friday before the next regularly scheduled board meeting. Similarly, requests to address the board during a regular board meeting must be made no later than noon (12:00 p.m.) on the day of the regularly scheduled board meeting. Such requests may be submitted to the clerk of the board, Barb Behm, by emailing or calling 913-780-8049.

    Download the Public Comments Registration Card (PDF)

    Requests for services or aids for persons needing assistance to address the board should be made with reasonable advance notice so the board may accommodate the request.

    To provide for a civil and positive experience beneficial to the board and the speaker, the following rules and reminders are provided to speakers who participate in the limited public forum:

    • Please proceed to the podium after requested by the board president or presiding officer to address the board.
    • When beginning your address to the board, you may share your name, the city where you live, and, if applicable, what school(s) your children attend or have attended in the district. If you are speaking on behalf of a group or organization, please also identify the name of the group or organization you are representing and the group’s connection with the school district.
    • A speaker's comments will be generally limited to three minutes, and to no more than five minutes, as determined by the board president or presiding officer considering the number of speakers who requested to address the board during public comments.
    • If you want the board to consider any written materials, literature, or electronic files, please provide the same to the board clerk. If possible, please provide nine (9) copies of such materials, for the seven (7) members of the board, the superintendent, and the board clerk.
    • If your comments relate to complaints concerning students or staff, the board requests that such complaints first be addressed to the district’s administration as provided under Board Policy KN (Complaints).
    • Please direct your comments to all members of the board. Responses from board members during the public comment meeting, if any, will be limited to clarifying questions.
    • Topics discussed in public comments shall be germane to the business of the board.
    • Threats of violence or harm will not be permitted.
    • In the event of the continued violation(s) of these rules, the board may indefinitely discontinue a speaker’s privilege to address the board.