What is AVID?

  • Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a nationwide program that can be found in many districts across the country. AVID’s mission is to close the opportunity gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

    AVID in Olathe

    In the Olathe Public Schools, our AVID program is a rich program that helps students by giving them tools to help them be successful in life after high school graduation. AVID students also enjoy support as they pursue academic rigor in their coursework and assistance with college readiness skills. Students are afforded opportunities to visit college campuses and assistance with college and scholarship applications.

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    The AVID Student Experience

    • Keep and maintain an organizational system
    • Learn and use focused notes, such as two-column or Cornell Notes, for example
    • Keep and maintain a planner or agenda (can be a paper planner or an e-planner)
    • Participate in community service to gain service hours and experience
    • Become a member of a club/activity or sport (highly encouraged)
    • Commit to the expectation to take a higher level class at some point during high school when appropriate. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis when a student is ready for the academic challenge.
    • Attend college visits with their AVID class
    • Enjoy a family-like atmosphere, SEL support, and team-building activities
    • Receive support with post-secondary plans/applications/scholarships
    • The AVID class is one hour in an AVID student’s schedule for their high school career.

    The AVID Student Profile
    The typical student:

    • Is often a first-generation college student (but not always)
    • Possesses a desire to go to college
    • Possesses an internal drive to succeed
    • Is a hard worker
    • Has the potential, but may lack the confidence to attempt a rigorous course (May need support to take an honors/AP course. For an ELL student, this may be a general education English class rather than ELL English, for example.)
    • May need support and development of organizational skills
    • AVID is NOT an at-risk program

The AVID Student Application Process

  • Students may submit AVID applications for the next school year. The application process follows the following steps:

    1. Eligible students are current eighth graders (in-coming freshman class the following fall), or current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Any student who fits the AVID Student Profile is eligible to apply including students who are on an IEP, ELL students, 504 students and/or those on the free and reduced program.

    2. The Google Application Form opens Feb. 1, 2022 using the link below. The deadline for Google Form submissions is March 11, 2022.

    3. Student Applicant Interviews are scheduled for the week of March 21. Interviews will be completed by high school building AVID Staff.

    4. Teacher Recommendations: Students will submit the names and email addresses of two current teachers from their schedule.

    The AVID Application

    Applications for the 2022-2023 AVID program year are now closed.

    Questions regarding the AVID program can be emailed to Julie Fishburn.