Jan. 20 Letter to All Parents

  • Jan. 20, 2021

    Dear Olathe Public Schools families and staff,

    As you know, we have committed to regularly review data as we work through the challenges that come from this pandemic. Using the current data from the county and our district metrics, the district is in the Yellow Zone of the district gating criteria. This means that all students will remain in their current learning mode. Elementary students who chose in-person learning will remain in school, full time. Secondary students who chose in-person will remain in the hybrid learning environment.

    You can review the district’s gating criteria on the district COVID Dashboard.

    Providing the best quality educational experiences for our students, while balancing the safety and health of our students, staff, and families, is a priority. We will review numbers again on Feb. 1. Please do your part to help us by continuing to wear a mask, wash your hands, stay home when you are sick, keep your children home when they are sick and practice social distancing. We need a community effort to keep our schools in session, our students and staff safe and learning together.

    Thank you for your support of the Olathe Public Schools.

    Superintendent John Allison