Guidelines for Distribution on ePost

  • General Guidelines for Free Distribution of Materials

    USD #233 Board Policy: KI-R (Adopted 9/4/97, Updated 10/2/97, Revised 1/15/98)

    Distribution of materials to students and staff in the Olathe Public Schools is intended primarily for non-profit organizations that provide wholesome educational activities for the youth of our community. Permission to distribute material does not constitute an endorsement of the event by USD #233. Distributions are electronic.

    The following criteria shall be used to determine whether requested material qualifies for student/staff distribution in USD #233 schools.

    • The organization requesting material distribution shall be non-profit.
    • Whenever possible, the material shall not be for fundraisers.
    • Materials shall be provided in English and Spanish.
    • The material must not contain any obscene content and should be consistent with assisting in the positive educational development of children.
    • The activity or event announced in the material for distribution shall be free of cost or have a minimal charge for the activity.
    • All contests shall have prior approval.
    • The requested material for distribution shall have no access to public verbal announcements via the school’s intercom system.
    • Material approved for distribution shall be so designated by the appropriate staff member and a log of requests will be kept in the assistant superintendent’s office.
    • Material for distribution shall normally be limited to one page.
    • The district is not responsible for any printing or duplicating copies of the material intended for distribution.
    • This policy applies to the school buildings, grounds and all areas under the control of the school district. (a) Political materials shall not be permitted for distribution in school buildings or on district grounds. (b) With prior principal approval, political materials may be distributed in conjunction with educational instruction where the purpose is to educate students on pending political or legislative issues. This material will not promote a specific individual, party or political ideology.

    Levels of Distribution

    Requests for distribution shall be individually reviewed for approval by the assistant superintendent or staff member assigned by the superintendent of schools.

    • General approval as requested.
    • Limited distribution.
    • Distribution not allowed

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