Transportation Safety is Major Priority for District

  • Safety is a major priority for the Olathe Public Schools. Transportation is an extension of the school day and students are under the supervision of school and transportation personnel. For this purpose, video/audio surveillance systems are placed on vehicles to monitor driver safety standards and student behavior.

    bus going down the highwayAs an additional safety precaution, the Olathe Public Schools and DS Bus Lines urge parents to inspect their children’s clothing and eliminate any potential hazards associated with drawstrings on jackets, sweatshirts and other clothing. Information campaigns by the National Safety Council, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission have resulted in many clothing manufacturers eliminating drawstrings from their clothing.

    State Regulations

    In addition to general safety practices, there are various state regulations which students must follow when riding district-provided transportation. The following statements are from the “Laws and Regulations Governing School Pupil Transportation in Kansas” and apply to all riders.

    • The driver is in charge of all passengers loading onto, riding in, or unloading from the vehicle. Teachers or other sponsors may be asked to assist with discipline issues. It is the driver’s ultimate responsibility to ensure safe transportation for all passengers.
    • Passengers awaiting transportation should stand at least 12 feet back from the traveled portion of the roadway.
    • There should be no animals, except service animals, transported in district-provided transportation.
    • All passengers should remain seated while the vehicles are moving.
    • No weapons of any type may be transported in these vehicles, except those in use by a law enforcement officer in performance of official duties.

    District Regulations

    In addition to state regulations, the Olathe Public Schools’ Code of Conduct always applies while students are riding on district-provided transportation. Additionally, the following rules and regulations ensure student safety:

    • All students should arrive at their morning bus stops five minutes before their scheduled bus stop time.
    • Obedience to the directions of the bus driver is required.
    • Students may only exit or board the vehicle at their assigned stop location.
    • The driver has authority to establish an assigned seating arrangement or to assign seats individually.
    • The driver cannot require a passenger to leave the vehicle prior to arrival at the destination point.
    • Passengers should keep all body parts inside the vehicle at all times (i.e., no hands, feet, heads, etc., extended from windows or doors).
    • Students shall not use profane language, obscene gestures, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, possession of a vape device or any other controlled substance on district transportation.
    • No throwing materials across the vehicle or from windows.
    • No vandalism to property.
    • No excessive talking and unnecessary noises.
    • No fighting.
    • No skateboards.
    • Students must remain seated while the vehicle is moving.
    • Musical instruments and athletic equipment that will fit in a student’s lap or between their legs may be transported on the bus. Space may not be available for larger instruments.
    • No food, gum, candy, or any drink other than water in a clear bottle.
    • Students must adhere to safety regulations and other rules and regulations as posed by the transportation provider.

    Bus Safety Expectations

    • Follow all of the driver's instructions.
    • Pay attention to your surroundings to stay safe.
    • Be respectful of others.
    • Stay seated until your stop.
    • Tell the driver if you are bullied. If you see something, say something.

    Failing to comply with the established safety regulations may lead to a suspension or loss of transportation privileges. For more information, contact the district Transportation Office via email at