Achieving through Individual Motivation - AIM

  • What is AIM?

    AIM, Achieving through Individual Motivation, is an eighth grade elective course* at Chisholm Trail, Indian Trail, Pioneer Trail, Oregon Trail and Santa Fe Trail middle schools. (*Guided enrollment note: Application and interview required.)

    The AIM program, a precursor to high school AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), provides lifelong opportunities through high school and beyond. With a focus on leadership, service and the student’s future, teachers seek to close the achievement gap, working to build a community, providing high quality instruction and supporting students with inquiry-based, student-centered classrooms.

    Achieving Through Individual Motivation logoAIM Student Profile (Achieving/Individual/Motivation)

    • Motivated to pursue academic challenges including post-secondary opportunities
    • Desire and determination to experience challenging content with support
    • Has a desire to pursue a post-high school education
    • Possesses an internal drive to succeed
    • Is a hard worker
    • May need support with organizational and study skills
    • Capable of rigorous coursework with support
    • Often a first-generation college student, but not always

    AIM Student Experience

    • Keeps and maintains an organizational system
    • Takes focused notes
    • Updates and utilizes a planner
    • Participates in community service
    • Is encouraged to be a member of a club, activity or sport
    • Attends experience field trips with their AIM class
    • Benefits from a family atmosphere, academic and social support, and team building
    • Has support with high school plans and exposure to post-secondary opportunities
    • Has an AIM class which is one hour in the student’s schedule every semester
    • A segue to the AVID at any of the Olathe high schools

    AIM Application Process

    Please contact your middle school for more information.