Growth & Reinvestment Overview

  • As a school district, we know that students learn best in high-quality learning environments — from classrooms to playgrounds to activity centers and more. Many of our facilities were designed to meet the needs of the past, not of our current students and their future. A primary focus of the 2022 bond package will be to reinvest in and provide routine preventative maintenance to facilities that are no longer meeting the needs of students. Proposed projects in the bond package that would address Growth and Reinvestment include:

    • Replacement of Santa Fe Trail Middle School. This would include building a new school to replace the current one to better meet the needs of students and staff. The students would remain in their current school until a new SFT is constructed.
    • General aging facility projects including items such as HVAC replacement, roofing, asphalt, classroom renovation, replacement of flooring and lighting.
    • Furniture replacement system wide.
    • Construction of a new Operations Service Center and renovation of the current facility to be used as a second bus and transportation center.

Growth & Reinvestment Projects

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