Students Meet Bus at Designated Stops

  • Students will be required to walk to designated bus stops to board the bus. All students should arrive at their assigned bus stop five minutes before their scheduled bus stop time. Bus stop times are subject to change. Door-to-door pick-up and drop-off service is not provided.

    DS Bus Lines has an experienced routing team that establishes safe and efficient bus routes and schedules while meeting state and federal guidelines. Routes are built around those who have registered during the open registration period.

    photo of bus stop sign Bus stops are primarily established by placing stops near corners that are centrally located within a neighborhood. Stops will be located 1 mile or more away from elementary schools and 2.5 miles or more away from secondary schools. Elementary stops are placed closer together due to the age of the students, while secondary school stops are placed further apart. Students will board and exit the bus each day at their assigned bus stop associated with their primary address.

    Corner stops have been determined to have advantages over house stops when providing group transportation. Buses are less likely to be rear-ended at corner stops and are easier for students and drivers to locate. Disputes over house stops are eliminated as all students are treated equally. Consequently, fewer stops are needed, resulting in more efficient bus routes.