LeRoy O. Homan - Honored in 2018

  • photo of LeRoy O. Homan John P. St. John Memorial High School
    Class of 1955

    (April 28, 1936 —      )

    Graduating in 1955, with offers from several colleges to play football, LeRoy chose instead to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. He served in Japan; in Calcutta, India as a Marine guard for the American Consulate; and in North Carolina, attaining the rank of sergeant. Then he enlisted in the Army Security service and worked in a specialized security facility in Turkey. This lead to his life’s employment with the Central Intelligence Agency beginning in 1963. During the Cold War, he worked with all forms of data that were passed and stored, and repaired advanced cryptographic technology. His career allowed him to spend 14 years living overseas and he traveled to countless countries, including almost all of the Soviet bloc. After retiring, he was much sought after as a contractor and was employed by General Electric to work on defense contracts; one of which afforded him the opportunity to work in support of the 1991 USSR Arms Control Treaty. His exemplary life has guided his family to service, too, with family members who are in the military, in education, and as first responders.