Kim (Bowen) Harbur - Honored in 2019

  • photo of Kim Bowen Harbur Olathe High School Class of 1975

    (Feb. 2, 1957 —           )

    Prior to her current life’s passion, for 23 years Kim owned and operated a dance studio in Olathe where she made an impact on young women’s lives by building their poise and self-confidence. Since the birth of a son with liver failure, Kim and her husband, Nate, have dedicated their lives to educating the public about the importance of organ and tissue donation. In 1998, they founded the nonprofit Gift of Life. Kim’s passion to educate the public about the importance of donation began in three Kansas City high schools. As of 2019, Gift of Life has educated 375,000 high school students and their family members in 115 area high schools. The Life Savers classroom presentation educates students about the question “Do you want to be a donor?” so they can make an informed decision. The students are encouraged to share their decision with a loved one because the conversation matters.