Olathe Youth Court

  • Olathe Youth Court is an alternative to District Court for first time offenders of minor offenses such as battery, criminal trespass, criminal damage to property, disorderly conduct, telephone harrassment, and theft. The jurisdiction of and referrals to Olathe Youth Court are within the discretion of the Johnson County Office of the District Attorney. Olathe Youth Court is voluntary, and student defendants who complete all Olathe Youth Court requirements have no formal criminal record.

    Student Participation

    Olathe students serve as judges, jurors, attorneys, clerks, and bailiffs in Olathe Youth Court. The majority of cases in youth court are guilty pleas where participants determine appropriate sanctions for the defendant. However, Olathe Youth Court is one of the few youth courts in the nation that allow a not guilty plea where participants determine the guilt or innocence of the defendant.

    How to Participate

    Interested students may participate in a Youth Court session as a juror and can attend training sessions to become a Youth Court Volunteer. Trained students who have served on two juries are eligible to work as attorneys, judges, bailiffs, and clerks. Current student volunteers should report to the courthouse at 6 p.m. for docket call.

    Court sessions are typically held every other Tuesday afternoon starting at 6 p.m. on the second floor of the Johnson County Courthouse. New students should report at 6 p.m. to sign in for jury duty training. Current jury members should report at 6:15 p.m. to sign in for jury duty.

    Email Breanna Francis for more information about Youth Court.