Application Process FAQs

  • Can I apply to more than one academy?

  • What if I accept an invitation to an academy, school starts, and I decide I don't like it?

  • How is athletic eligibility affected by changing high schools?

  • What happens to a transfer student's athletic eligibility if they withdraw from an academy and return to their home high school?

  • How many students does a particular academy accept for their ninth grade year?

  • How do I get to school if the academy is not at my home high school?

  • If I am in an academy, can I still do other electives I enjoy? (ex: band, orchestra, etc.)

  • What if a student wants to take a fine arts or world language all four years of High School? Will there still be room for the academy courses?

  • Can a student apply late to an academy?

  • I keep hearing about CTE in the Academies. What is CTE and how is it related to Academies?

  • When will I be able to apply to the academies?

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