Welcome to Design Academy - Est. 2006

  • The Design Academy is located at Olathe East High School.

    Products, Architecture & More

    Who We Are

    Design Academy logo Explore a variety of design fields, including architecture, industrial design, interior design, landscape design, graphic design, and engineering, using the design thinking process. Students in this four-year program:

    • Learn industry standards for design careers
    • Use industry standard equipment and CAD programs
    • Work with industry partners on projects
    • Learn design foundation skills and design thinking methods
    • Participate in national competitions and partnerships
    • Design real world solution projects for schools and the community

    What We Do

    • Look around… everything…everything…we use in everyday life was designed by someone. From the house or building we live in, the shoes and clothing we wear, the automobile we drive and ride in, the chair we sit in, the light we turn on and off, to the water bottle we drink from was designed by someone. Learn the foundational principles to design anything. Work on design projects from concept to completion including architecture, products, interior, display and much more.
    • Access to industry standard equipment and technology, such as graphic and CAD software, a laser engraver and 3D printer
    • Complete a professional portfolio and learn presentation skills
    • Work with industry professionals during projects and through conferences, competitions, guest lectures and mentorship opportunities
    • Contact Information: email the Design Academy or call 913-780-7120

Learn about CTE and Design Academy

  • Ten of our 15 Academies have a Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathway embedded in them. This means the courses they already take in the Academy also follow a CTE pathway. When a student earns an Academy Endorsement by completing all the requirements, they may also earn a "CTE Completer" status. Both the Academy Endorsement and the CTE Completer status will be printed on the student's transcript. These are great tools on the resume to show a student's accomplishments. Additionally, CTE Completers are eligible for CTE Scholars recognition.

    The CTE Construction and Design pathway as well as the Engineering and Applied Math pathway are embedded into the Design Academy. Students will complete one of these pathways depending on the strand they choose to follow in the academy.

    Learn about Construction and Design pathway

    Learn about Engineering and Applied Math pathway