Engineering and Applied Mathematics Pathway

  • Engineering Academy logo Students experience hands-on problem solving and gain visualization and communication skills using 3-D solid modeling software. As students progress to senior-level coursework, they are teamed with other students to research an open-ended problem and design, and construct a solution.

    Your Options

    • Non-Transfer Two-Year program available at Olathe Advanced Technical Center (Aviation Electronics)
    • Transfer program available at Olathe East High School (Design Academy) and Olathe Northwest High School (Engineering)

Career Opportunities

    • Aeronautical Engineer
    • Architectural Engineer
    • Biotechnical Engineer
    • Civil Engineer
    • Industrial Engineer
    • Quality Technician
    • Technical Writer
    • Materials Lab Technician

Sequence of Courses

Course Title Academy/Program Grade Level Pathway Level Credit
Automation & Robotics 7-8 0.5
Design & Modeling 7-8 0.5
Flight & Space 6 0.25
Introduction to Materials & Processes 8 0.5
Introduction to Engineering 21st Century: Engineering 9-10 Introductory 1.0
Advanced Engineering CAD III 21st Century: Engineering 10-12 Technical 0.5
Avionics & Electronics Technology I: Foundation of Electronics (1st Semester) OATC 11-12 Technical 1.0
Engineering Drafting/CAD I 9-12 Technical 0.5
Engineering Drafting/CAD II 9-12 Technical 0.5
Principles of Applied Engineering 21st Century: Engineering 11-12 Technical 1.0
Product Design Engineering 21st Century: Design 10 Technical 1.0
Avionics & Electronics Technology I: Digital Electronics (2nd Semester) OATC 11-12 Application 1.0
Design & Development 21st Century: Design 11 Application 1.0
Design & Engineering Workplace Experience 21st Century: Aviation, Design & Engineering 12 Application 1.0
Design Senior Capstone 21st Century: Design 12 Application 1.0
Engineering Senior Capstone 21st Century: Engineering 12 Application 1.0
Materials Science in Engineering 21st Century: Engineering 11-12 Application 0.5

Credit Info - Engineering

  • To be considered a CTE Completer in the pathway, students must complete 3.0 credits within the course sequence and earn an industry recognized, comprehensive certification or pass a third-party, end-of-pathway assessment. At least 2.0 of the required 3.0 required credits must be a combination of technical and application level courses.

    Offered at: Olathe Northwest - 21st Century Engineering Academy

High School and Graduation Planning