What is an Externship?

  • Are you a teacher, counselor, or administrator interested in working outside the field of education during the summer to expand knowledge and skills about businesses and organizations in your teaching field of expertise?  Explore occupations and have first-hand, “real life” examples to share with your students.

    Purpose of an Externship

    The intent of the Educator Externship program is to transform teaching and learning in schools through community, business and school alliances. It is clear that successful schools equal successful communities. Educator Externships provide opportunities for educators to participate in a one-week experience at a minimum of one place of business in order to form connections between the educational curriculum and the requirements of employers. Workplace professional development expands educators’ understanding of how knowledge and skills are applied in the world beyond the school setting. This will then help each educator enhance their curriculum, thus contributing to the overall outcomes at the local school district level. Successful schools produce successful students, evaluate and improve effectiveness of teaching and learning for teachers and students, establish high standards, and assure a solid link between learning and the world beyond the classroom.

    Guiding Principles

    • Educators must be engaged intentionally over a long period of time.
    • The most effective approach to change is a systemic model.
    • Educators at the building level are the cornerstone to change.
    • Ongoing assessment of the process and dissemination of the findings is critical for change to actually occur.

    Outcomes for Educators

    • An informed perspective of the workplace/community.
    • An accurate reflection of school as preparation for the workplace and civic life.
    • An understanding through reflection of what works and what does not.
    • A clearer understanding of the connection of the workplace to curriculum and what is taught in the classroom.

    Eligible Applicants

    Eligible applicants include middle and high school CTE instructors, counselors and administrators who have not applied for and been awarded externship funds from any other source for the summer of 2021 and have not participated in three previous externships from any funding source. Individuals who have participated in three previous externships (of any type) are no longer eligible to apply.

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