Welcome to BioMedical Engineering Academy - Est. 2017

  • The BioMedical Engineering Academy is located at Olathe South High School.

    Engineering Solutions for Health Care Needs

    Who We Are

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    At the intersection of the medical and engineering fields, BioMedical Engineering is for students who want to learn how to design and create products to help people overcome a range of human health challenges. Students in this Academy will study a wide variety of biomedical engineering topics including prosthetics, heart valves and replacements, drug delivery systems, bioethics, developing medical sensors using computer technology (including 3D printing and Arduinos), the biomechanics of injuries and how they are treated, career exploration, and more. BioMedical Engineers are the people behind nearly every tool and implantable device used in medicine. 

    Successful students in this Academy typically prefer to work in a group and collaborate with others, can (or like to) work with their hands to create physical products and models, are very creative thinkers, are highly resilient when faced with challenges, have a strong work ethic, have good time management and meet deadlines.

    • Four years of specialized hands-on courses using the latest technology to prepare for entry into a variety of engineering or medical related careers, like medicine, orthopedic surgery, nursing, bioimaging, pharmacy, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, physical therapy, or bioengineering.
    • Collaborative teams learn in-depth human anatomy as well as engineering-design to take on real life challenges in health care. Students will focus on topics such as disabilities (natural or caused by injury) as well as equipment related to a physical disability/injury, surgical instruments (equipment and techniques), implantable medical devices, and design future solutions to existing health care needs.
    • Engage across several engineering disciplines with medical interventions and devices

    What We Do

    • Collaborative “team” approach to learning in all BioMedical Engineering courses
    • Hands on learning, model building, creating and modifying current medical product designs
    • Network with industry professionals who are inventing, developing, and bringing to market a wide range of medical techniques and devices. Students also connect and collaborate with medical professionals, research students, and university professors to further their learning experiences in the Academy.
    • Opportunities to visit and learn firsthand what BioMedical Engineering is all about through interactive and engaging field trips to research hospitals, universities, and biomedical companies
    • Compete in exciting and high level local, regional, national competitions and design challenges
    • Contact information: email the BioMedical Engineering Academy or call 913-780-7160.