Prospective Students

  • Who May Apply?

    • Any eighth-grade student who will be enrolled for high school in Olathe Public Schools is eligible to apply.
    • Any student moving in and enrolling as a ninth-grade or 10th-grade student in Olathe Public Schools may request a late or out-of-season application if there are seats available in their academy of interest.  Note: A student currently in high school may not apply if they are HS credit deficient.  

    If a student applies, goes through the process, is invited, and accepts the invitation to join they academy, the student will attend the high school where the academy is located regardless of where they live in Olathe Public Schools boundaries.

    If the academy is not at the student’s boundary high school, busing is provided free of charge for all four years of high school as needed. Please sign up for 21st Century Academies busing.

    Students may apply to two academies but may only be enrolled in one. If a student is invited to both academies they applied to, they may only accept one of them and will need to decline the other.

    To Apply or Not to Apply?

    • Applying to an academy does not obligate the student.
    • Applying provides the student more time to gather information about the academy of their interest. 
    • If during the application process the student changes their mind, they can withdraw their application.
    • If they complete the application process and are invited to an academy, but they decide it isn’t a good fit, they can decline the invitation (to one or both).
    • Not applying closes the door.

    Note: If there is any level of interest in an academy, it is recommended to apply. If they don’t apply, there is no opportunity to go through the process and find out more details about the academy.