Application Window is Closed

  • Applications are now closed.  If you missed the application season in the fall and the 2nd chance applications in February, but are still interested, please email to see if there are any openings.

Application Information

    • Students will apply online which includes a response to 3 different questions.
    • Students will interview with the academy facilitator or educator. A parent should be present.
    • Students will be notified via a link if they have been invited, not invited or waitlisted to the academy(ies) they applied to.
      • Waitlisted students should check back at the link to see if their status has changed.
      • Invited students will need to either accept or decline their invitations.
    • Students accepting invitations to an academy will enroll and attend full time the high school where their academy is located, regardless of where the student lives. 
      • Free transportation is provided if academy is not at boundary high school.


    Please view the following instructional videos on:

    How to Apply to the 21st Century Academies
    How to Complete the Distinguished Scholars Portion of the Application
    How You will be Notified the Status of Your Application

Prospective Students

  • Who May Apply?

    • Any eighth-grade student who will be enrolled for high school in Olathe Public Schools is eligible to apply.
    • Any student moving in and enrolling as a ninth-grade or 10th-grade student in Olathe Public Schools may request a late or out-of-season application if there are seats available in their academy of interest.  Note: A student currently in high school may not apply if they are graduation credit deficient.  


    To Apply or Not to Apply?

    • Applying to an academy does not obligate the student.
    • Applying provides the student more time to gather information about the academy of their interest. 
    • If during the application process the student changes their mind, they can withdraw their application.
    • If they complete the application process and are invited to an academy, but they decide it isn’t a good fit, they can decline the invitation (to one or both).
    • Not applying closes the door of opportunity.

    Note: If there is any level of interest in an academy, it is recommended to apply. Keep your doors open!

2019-20 Application Data

*Students may apply to one or two academies, but may only accept an invitation to one.
Academy 8th Grade Students Applied # of Invitations Sent *8th Accepted Invitation
Animal Health 84 34 26
BioMedical Engineering 33 27 19
Business Finance 38 36 26
Civic Leadership 57 42 26
Computer Science 57 49 31
Design 89 71 52
Distinguished Scholars 83 60 51
e-Communication 134 125 103
Engineering 123 108 85
Future Educators 70 56 42
Geoscience 54 43 32
Green Tech 46 42 27
Medical Professions 141 57 38
Public Safety 64 48 48
Sports Medicine 155 127 98
*Total Applications Submitted 1215 925 --
Total 8th Grade Students Applying 893 -- *696 Accepted Invitations